Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Things I love. . .

~Catching the Coach sitting at his desk, at night, working, with a big smile on his face.  Asking what?  And having him say, "Just grateful.  Grateful for responsible kids." While looking into the living room where our 13 year old is doing homework.

~Having my firstborn stop me in the kitchen and say, with a muffled mouthful, "Mom!  These muffins are GOOD!"

~Listening to my big kids talk and laugh about the big varsity volleyball game they were at tonight.  Even if they should be in bed, already.

~That my 11 year old son goes to bed without being told.  The other kids say that when he sleeps he's "recharging".  Whew!  I think they are right!

~Listening to my 1st grader read her books from school to me at night.  Sounding out BIG words on her own.

~Little Man spelling his name for me.  Especially when he remembers the "T".

~Hugs from my kids.  From Son #1 who is way bigger than I am, to little man who is all arms and legs.  Love them.

~The Coach's nicknames for all of the kids.  He's the only one that calls them "that" and they love it.

~This song on my i-pod (actually it's Daughter's - #5 - i-pod, but she lets me borrow it) while I run.  Praising Jesus while I run helps me forget how much it hurts.

~The fact that the Coach saw all of the clean laundry in piles in the living room and suggested that maybe we combine "family devotions" with "laundry folding" tomorrow night.  Love him.  Even when he's being sarcastic.

~My Tervis insulated cup.  I have this one.  Gift from my kids this Summer.  Makes drinking water SO much prettier.  And colder.

~Watching my oldest daughter play volleyball.  And her smile.

~My third-born getting to play in his FIRST football game this week.  For his dad (who is the Jr. High Coach).  Made me tear up.  After all of those years taking my babies to their daddy's games - and now my "babies" are PLAYING for their dad.  Sniff.

~Our new "lockers" in the garage that our very kind and very talented fire-fighter friend built for us.  Eight of them.  I'll take some pictures for you!

~That my parents are coming home tomorrow after TWO WEEKS away.  We have SO missed them!

~Coffee-mate Belgian Chocolate Toffee Creamer.  Ahhhhhh.

~Pinterest.  Still waiting to start my own board, but WOW that site is fun.  Need to stay away from those baby pictures, though.  Be still my heart!

Seems this has turned into a Thankful Thursday.  Except on Tuesday night.  But I think I feel better, already!  There will be more to "love" on Thursday, I'm sure.

And now I'm off to bed.  Another crazy busy day awaits, tomorrow.  Oh, another thing I love?

~That when I tell the Coach I can't do this anymore (this being football, volleyball, seven kids in school. . . life), he reminds me that I don't have to.  "The Lord is your strength."  (big sigh)

May you find YOUR strength in HIM this week~

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Five Freddys said...

That was beautiful, Karen! and I love that coffee creamer too (my current addictions are Chai Latte and Pumpkin Spice). You spur me on to count my blessings - Thank You!