Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Laugh or Go Crazy. . . on Wednesday

I feel like I'm writing more than usual, lately.  It's not been because I've had extra time - we've been swamped.  It's not because I have more material than usual, there is always lots going on at the troops.  I think maybe it's because we've been SO busy and the Coach has been gone SO much, that I have too many extra words left at the end of the day.

Tell me I'm not the only one?

Combine that with the fact that my two best friends are a) homeschooling four kids in far away Texas and way too busy to talk on the phone. . . and b) working full-time, now, at our school - which leaves no time at all for her favorite (ha!) SAHM.  (sigh)

They would both tell you that I'm partly to blame, as well.  I can't remember the last time I actually answered the phone.  Let's hear it for texting!

We're all busy, aren't we?  (If you're not, come on over and I'll put you to work!)

Daughter (#7), who is 7, is sitting here beside me typing a "story" on the other computer.  Daughter (#6) walked through and got REALLY upset that the character in the story had her name.  Daughter (#7) started to defend herself. . . "It's a GOOD story. . . she does GOOD things. . . it's not TRUE!"

How can I not laugh?

This morning, Little Man and I took "Working Mom BFF" to coffee for her birthday.  He loved it.  He tried to stay IN the conversation the whole time - often with completely random information.  "Sister has blond hair," he said at one point.  As if WMBFF doesn't know this.   Little Man calls her "Miss Shauna".  Just now he walked up and said, "Mom!  S H doesn't make 'Mishauna', so I'm just going to call her 'Banana'."  Can you tell he's learning letter sounds?

Talk about random. . . it's hard to write much of anything coherent when I have to stop every two seconds to help Daughter (#7) spell, "Beautiful" and "Sissy".  Must be quite a story.  Glad it's not "true".

We have a BIG football game this week.  Son (#1) is still out with a concussion - head aches keep hanging around - talk about a bummer.  First week of play offs AND against our biggest rival.  I am determined to dress the kids more warmly.  Apparently I was brain-dead last week and we all about froze.  At one point, Little Man said,  "I am. .  turning. . . into. . . an. . . ICE CUBE!"

"Big Green" is in the shop, today.  Nothing serious, gratefully, just maintenance.  The kids LOVE the loaner Suburban we get.  I keep telling them I like it, too, but it won't hold us all.  It's fun to have it for a day, though.  We can pretend to be a "normal" family with only five kids.  Ha!

Little Man is playing with his play dough that we made on Monday.  He's so happy.  I'm not a big fan of play dough, I have to be honest.  He is finally old enough to play with it AND clean it up, so I guess it's OK.  My theory has always been to throw away whatever is left out until there isn't any left, but he's gotten really great at cleaning it up.  Ha!

Well. . . it's 1/2 day Wednesday, the kids are home, it's almost time for piano lessons, dinner needs to be started, Daughter (#2) is at basketball practice, Son (#1) is at football practice (watching) with the Coach,  Son (#3) just walked in from a babysitting job, and my quiet moment is long gone.

Trusting the Lord for it all. . .

Happy Wednesday!

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