Friday, November 18, 2011

So Blessed.

I'm sitting on the couch with my leg elevated and iced (the things we do to ourselves in the name of fitness!), per the Coach's orders, staring at the HUGE pile of clean laundry on the love seat across from me.  Such a FUN busy week.

Something about Fall weather energizes and motivates me.  I love it.  Cool weather, leaves blowing (OK, the wind is out of control, but you can't have it all), cloudy or sunny, either way works.  I put on my warm, cozy Crusader hoodie and enjoy every bit.

This week I've been out and about more than cozy at home.  I'm not sure how it happened, but I've had lovely "friend time" and time with family this week.

Lunch with a sweet friend and her two boys on Tuesday after BSF (a GREAT lesson this week!).  Her babies are darling and remind me what I loved about having little ones.

Coffee with another friend on Wednesday - she has six kids, so we can talk forever about all that we have in common.  Love that.  Teens, middle schoolers, driving, school. . .

Late lunch (after 1/2 day dismissal and Jr. High basketball practice) with Grandmother and Granddad on Wednesday with 7 of the kids (Daughter #2 was a basketball practice) - catching up and hearing about their most recent travels.  We sure miss them when they are gone!

I don't remember Thursday.  Oh!  Except for the great sale at Coldwater Creek with Mom.  We love that place.   And the orthodontist.

Then today?  Lunch with one of my oldest (not in age, in years of friendship!) and dearest friends.  So good to catch up.  Which came after Weight Watchers (my Friday routine) and another LOSS on the scale.  Yes, it's weight that's already been lost previously and re-found.  But it feels good to lose it, again.

And even though it can't get much better, I found time to visit on the phone with Crazy Daisy AND BFF Working Mom, too, this week.

Wait a minute!  The best part of all?  Wait for it. . .

I have the Coach back!  (smile) I'm not glad football is over, of course, but the Coach has been HOME in the evening this week - early even - and tonight?  Football game and burgers with Grandmother and Granddad.  Inside.  On TV.  Where it's warm.  And not windy.

Seriously.  A good week.

Next week will be hectic with Thanksgiving and the troops out of school from Wednesday on.  Fun.  But busy.  Lots of cooking, dishes, and I'm hopeful that it will also include lights in the new pantry (can't wait to show you THAT - it's beautiful!), the house decorated for Christmas, and lots of time with both sides of our big family.

Sometimes life is very "daily", but very good, too.  The blessings of health, home, God's perfect provision. . . taking time to stop and think about all that is GOOD and how blessed we are.  It's a lot of work (and a lot of food. . . and laundry. . . and noise. . . )  but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

If I don't get up and fold this laundry before the kids get home from school. . . it may never happen.

Happy Friday!

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