Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Typical Thursday morning at the troops, today.
One couldn't find her shoes (one was in the van, one behind the bicycles in the garage?  Hmmmm?).
One with a wet coat they left in the car last night.
Cookies to deliver to school for the Fall Festival (16 dozen to be exact.).
Water bottles for another booth prize.
Candy for Daughter (#7) to take, except she's still in bed.
Letter Jacket form and payment to turn in (HOW are we already doing this? Wasn't he just a baby, yesterday?).
Lunches (no microwaves today).  Minus one.
Cookies for the Coach's class birthdays this month (I was already making so many anyway. . . ).

It goes on and on.

Mornings like this, the minute they are all actually OUT the door. . . OK, I wait until the van actually pulls out of the neighborhood. . . I let out a BIG SIGH.

Never mind that the house looks like a tornado went through.  I'm pretty sure it did.  There's time for that, today, with little sister home (not feeling well, last night).  We won't be going anywhere. 

1.  Coffee in the coffee pot.

2.  Happy Little Man (He loves having other kids home on school days - ha!)

3.  Perky Little Sister (She hopped out of bed feeling just fine!  Yay!).

4.  Nephew doing SOOOOOOO much better, last night.  We are grateful for all of the prayers for him.  After a second surgery on Tuesday, he seems to have turned the corner.  Thank you, Lord!  He may even get to go home soon!

5.  Baking finished last night.  The Coach even helped with all of the dishes.  He's a good man.

6.  Fall Festival at school, tonight - my kids LOVE it.  Even though it's freezing cold outside!  Praying for all of the sweet home-room moms, teachers, and parents who will be working SO hard today to get it all ready.

7.  A day OFF of school, tomorrow.  Woo hoo!

8.  A new pantry project in the works for the weekend.  How sad is it that I am unbelievably excited about having more room for canned goods and groceries?  HA!

9.  Warm, cozy (even if messy) house.

10.  The sound of Little Man and Little Sister playing with hexabits in the playroom.

11.  Day off of running  - and an appointment next week with a doctor to look at my knee.  Boo for running injuries.

12.  Not having to cook dinner, tonight!  Yay for Fall Festival, once again!

13.  Netflix.  Little Sister loves "Father Knows Best" - how fun is that?

14.  Google Calendar.  The Coach and I would spend all of our time together coordinating schedules if we couldn't just sync our calendars online.  Eliminates a lot of confusion!

15.  Call from the radiologist confirming that Son's (#3) x-ray on his arm, Tuesday, only shows a sprain.  Whew!

16.  Another check, yesterday, regarding Son's (#1) concussion from two weeks ago - the head-aches continue, but they aren't worse.  He's missing his third game, tomorrow, but he's had a great attitude.  I'm proud of him!

I'm going to purpose to enjoy this day.  The cold.  The extra little one home (so grateful she seems so much better this morning!).  The chaos.  The long list.

So many blessings.

"You are loved with an Everlasting Love. . . . and underneath are the Everlasting Arms."
(Jeremiah 31:3, Deuteronomy 33:27)

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe- we love and use many of the recipes you have shared. Thankful to hear of positive doctors reports both for your nephew and your children. Enjoy your Friday off- have a wonderful weekend!

Regina Jennings said...

Google calendar - that's a good idea.

I want to inform you that you've been awarded the prestigious Versatile Blogger Award. To see what all that entails you can look it up on my blog.