Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I will admit to needing an attitude adjustment.

You know it's bad when you realize it's Thursday and are frustrated that any post that's written will have to be characterized by thankfulness.


But it is what it is. . . and I DO have eversomuch to be thankful for today.

1.  That whatever "bug" we have at our house is NOT of the stomach variety.  So. Very. Grateful.

2.  Hot coffee.  The Starbucks Blonde Roast that my dad brought on Valentine's Day.  Yum.

3.  Netflix.  Although it does seem that we are running out of good options EVEN there.  Which is an indication of WAY too many sick days.

4.  A clean house.  At least it was, yesterday.

5.  Clean beds to climb into last night and clean clothes (even if they are unfolded all over the living room).

6.  Daughter's (#6) fabulous First Lady presentation in her classroom yesterday.  Costume, speech, prop, and treats to pass out (She was Francis Cleveland - wife of Grover Cleveland).  One of those, "So thankful to the Lord for His goodness to my child" moments.  Because that girl has had her moments.

7.  Boys hair cuts all done on Sunday.  For a few weeks.  And girl hair cuts all done for the Winter.  Except for Daughter (#7) who was sick.  And has more hair than everyone in our house put together!

8.  Valentine's candy everywhere.  Trying to think why I should be grateful for this?   OH!  The opportunity it's giving me to develop the character quality of discipline.  (sigh)

9.  That today's infirmary patients include some who are old enough to stay with the younger patients so I can continue with part of today's schedule.  And go to the store for Gatorade.  (again . . . so very thankful that this bug hasn't affected their appetites!)

10.  The most patient husband in the world.  Seriously.  When I lost it last night after a VERY busy day and MANY sick children to care for and not feeling so great myself. . . he was so kind.  And did I mention patient? 

11.  Sunshine.

12.  The pair of hawks that visit our backyard every morning for breakfast.  Little Man and I LOVE to watch them - they are huge! 

13.  Being back on the treadmill this week for the first time in about 3 months!  Woo hoo!  It's just walking.  And it's not far.  Or fast.  But it's a start.

14.  Daughter (#2) being OUT of her cast and OUT of her splint and . . . wait for it. . . CLEARED to play basketball.  Of course the season is almost over. . . but we are thankful, still.

15.  Chick-fil-A.  Yes, I realize we have a problem.  And probably need counseling.  But it seems there is nothing a CFA run doesn't help at this house.  Might be a good day for it, today.  Except that my first-born is home sick and he eats more than all of the "littles" put together!

16.  Tomorrow is Friday!  There's hope!

17.  A new hose for my MUCH-beloved vacuum came yesterday.  My sweet mother bought the vacuum for me so long ago that I can't remember (maybe 12-15 years?).  It's fabulous!  But after daily use for all of those years. . . the hose was more duct tape than original hose.  Now it feels like a new vacuum!

18.  Three of the kids are still well and haven't had "the bug", yet.  I'm going to be grateful for this.  Even though it seems unlikely that they will come through unscathed.  If we can just keep First Lady Cleveland well through tomorrow's Presidential Tea, I'll claim success!

19.  That the Coach and I have already been sick.  And Daughter (#1) has had a milder version, already (here's hoping she's now immune!). I'm not saying it was fun (took me almost three weeks to get through it), but it's over.  And at least I can take care of my "sickies" without being sick, myself.

20.  The Library.  Because I'm headed there in a bit to find something DIFFERENT to watch.  (Have you ever SEEN Mr. Bean cartoons?  Unbelievably annoying, I tell you.  Ugh.)

Happy Thursday!

May you see this day and it's gifts (the fun ones and the hard ones) as from the hand of our Loving Heavenly Father.

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Corrie said...

Aww...yay for Ave! MISS that girl. And hooray for Chick-fil-A! I LOVE their fries and the twins LOVE their cookies-n-creme milkshake (I think they may become a tradition before our weekly non-stress tests. What better way to be "non-stressed"? ;).

And I always did like your vacuum. Glad it's been given a new lease on life. :)