Saturday, February 18, 2012

What's in the Toothpaste Tube?

"Mom!"  (Son - #4 - just came bounding through the room)  "We are out of 'Fun Dip' from Valentine's.  Now we can't have FUN anymore!"


He's feeling better, can you tell?

Someone else is crying because their "fort" was knocked down.  Probably by Son (#4).  If I had to guess.  He is almost always right in the middle of it.

The troops seem to be over the worst of the virus.  Head-aches have let up, dizziness has subsided, and the chaos has resumed.  They are restless.

It wasn't so bad when they were sick and all lying around watching movies and Netflix.  But now that they feel better?  They are driving each other nuts.

I guess it's a good example of the "pressure shows us what's inside" principle.  We are rarely home THIS much, for THIS many days, with ALL of us (minus a kid or two during the day).  We are usually only home all together one or two week nights each week.  Between basketball schedules, school activities, family, church, and LIFE, we usually stay way too busy.

The fridge and freezer are clean.  That's something, right?  Seemed like a good time to do it, since their appetites have been just FINE through this virus, so it's fairly empty.

The older kids have some homework to work on - I'm grateful for that!  Better get the younger ones started on theirs.  Maybe we'll do baths first - that would probably make everyone feel better.

Truth is, these days are good.  Not in the "fun" sense - although they have laughed as much as they've fought.  But in the sense that having everyone home and interacting (it's wet outside, or I would have sent them out right after breakfast!) is a good opportunity to work on some things.  Relationships.  Obedience.  My willingness to put down what I'm reading or stop what I'm working on, and take care of the disagreement or conflict.

So today I'm thankful for a day at home with the troops.  Especially thankful that the Coach has been here most of it, too.  Thankful that my kids have all of these siblings to learn to get along with - such different personalities. To learn to give up, get along, make do, be creative. . . and forgive.

In the meantime, Little Man wants me to make him a sign that says "Look Down" for his fort.  And I think I'll turn the showers on and get three of the kids started, at least.

Blessings on your weekend!  I hope it's been a "good" one for your family, too.

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