Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ready to move on. . .

Life is full of seasons.  Phases that come and go.  Things that in the moment seem huge, but later on seem so. . . well. . . temporary.  Like those days of diapers, or toys all over the floor, or keeping toddlers in their beds at night.

Before you have time to figure it all out, life has moved you on to the next thing.  Driving, high school, sports. . .

And as Fall (my favorite) is beginning to peak out a bit around the corner of the end of Summer, I grow sentimental.

I love Fall.

The cooler weather, the pumpkins, the Chai Tea (so perfect on a Fall morning), the pansies and mums in the pots on the porch, watching my boys play football on Mondays and Fridays, and ohmyheavens I'm ready to pull out the sweatshirts!

But this "life" season we are in?

I'm not a fan.

The Coach is busier than I can ever remember.  There's football, there's basketball, there are papers to grade and work to do at home every night he's here.  He got up and ran, early Monday morning, and I'm pretty sure it's the first time he's run since school started.  And I'm in the same boat.  Can't even remember how we trained for a half-marathon during football season?  Or any season?  Seems somewhat illusive at this point.  Kind of like regular blogging or keeping up with the laundry.

Son #1 is still out with the elbow situation.  Have sure missed seeing him play!  I'm extra thankful that he's driving, but I don't see him much.

Daughter #2 is tired.  T.I.R.E.D.  The girl is worn out.  Late nights at volleyball and a massive amount of homework.  And a friend of hers at school lost her mom this weekend.  That's a lot of pain to bear at 15 (for the friend) and a lot for my girl to comprehend.

Son #3 is doing well.  Early morning practice and homework in the evenings.  He's such a blessing to me, always pitching in and helping out when I'm tired and the Coach is gone.

Son #4.  Well.  I may or may not have googled "boarding schools for boys" this week.  Just to see.  I'm not serious, of course, but the kid is wearing me out.  He's fun, smart, athletic, hard-working, and has WAY too much energy.  I wonder if I could find a full-time job for a 12 year old?

Daughter #5 is precious and sweet and so easy to have around, be with, talk to. . . but then I start thinking I depend way too much on her consistency and howintheWORLD is she almost 11?

Daughter #6?  Well.  I could write volumes.  But I won't.  She's still sleeping in the hall, but I DO think we are making progress.  Real progress.  We brought her home from school.  For awhile.  She needed rest and the Coach and I needed a break, too.  And I'm really good at not making school at home fun.  She'll want to go back in no time!

Daughter #7 is sick.  Picked her up at school on Monday and she's yet to be back.  On the positive side, I'm thinking the first few weeks of struggle with Daughter #6 at school were her reflux AND whatever virus this is.  So there's hope in there somewhere.  In spite of the fact that I think I'm coming down with it, too.

And Little Man?  He's ready for some kind of normal schedule.  And maybe just a little ready for all of the big kids to LEAVE, already.  But in the meantime, we are working hard at obeying and speaking kindly.  It seems the more kids we have in the car, the uglier his words get.  Have NO idea where he gets that.

But at the end of the day?  I realize that each of these things will change.  Some quickly, some not.  And then there will be a new season and new "issues" and more things to work through and deal with and pray out on my knees.

And in the meantime, a batch of pumpkin muffins and some chai tea certainly wouldn't hurt, right?

My struggles fade as I think of dear friends who are grieving, suffering, fighting illness.  Some faced with a new perspective on eternity.

I can trust them to the Father's loving hand.  I can pray for the Lord's peace and comfort.  For them to reach out for the HOPE He offers.

That's a good reminder for me, as well.

Happy Wednesday!


jo said...

Your words are so wise sweet friend. I hear your heart of speaking truth to yourself- relying on the all powerful arms of Jesus to hold even when we don't feel the truth. It is apparent that you have walked with Him through some trying days enough to know HE IS ABLE and this too shall pass. We had a hall sleeper, beside the bed sleeper, next door room sleeper, screamer, gagging, terrified over who knows what.... for the better part of a year. All wrapped up in one little girl. It was so difficult. I'm praying for you. Fall weather nice for the deep breaths we need to take these days.
And oh my the homework that has entered my life in the last three weeks - My hat is completely off to you my friend with all those older kids and evening homework. We just have one - and I am so sleep deprived!
Love you.

sethswifeforlife said...

always encouraging to my heart!

The Tebben Family Blog said...

Enjoyed catching up with your family reading this! Thanks for the encouragement. I don't know how you do it so gracefully. Miss you all!
And the Sears ad on the side cracked me up because we just bought our snow blower, pictured there, last week :)

Melsuz said...

Love you girl!