Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I could get used to this.

I mean it.

TWO FULL nights of sleep.

Now, granted, on Tuesday night, we had two little girls in our room, on our floor.  One with reflux, one recovering from strep.  But they SLEPT!  No, "Mom.  Mom.  Mom." beside my bed, all night.  Not even a, "Please sit up with me?  Please?"

Last night was even quieter.  Lots to be thankful for this morning.

1.  Thunderstorms the last two nights.  Love it.  And RAIN.

2.  Productive day yesterday.  Doctors appointment, coffee with Granddad, chapel at school, lunch with my kids, groceries, cooking, piano lesson, laundry, and a clean house.

3.  Shorter "To Do" list for today.  And more school work at home for my girl.

4.  Son's (#1) improving elbow.  He played last Friday and is continuing to get better.  Hoping the new brace will help, too.

5.  Volleyball season winding down for Daughter (#2).  So many nights I've felt torn between going to watch her and staying home with other kids who need to be HOME.  But she's played well and been sweet and understanding when we couldn't be there to watch.

6.  Friends who pray.  I can't begin to express my gratefulness for sweet friends, teachers, family. . . who have prayed us through these last few weeks.  There have been nights (like Monday) when I really didn't know how we could keep on with it all.  But God has continued to give His grace.  And day by day by day. . . we are seeing Him work and move on behalf of our girl.

7.  Our pediatrician.  We've spent a lot of time in his office since July.  Grateful, again, this week, as we found out that Daughter (#7) had strep.  Poor thing.  Hoping to find her MUCH better, today.  (And no, I won't win "mother of the year" for letting her be sick an entire week before taking her to the doctor.  Sigh.)

8.  Our school.  It makes my heart hurt that Daughter (#6) isn't there right now.  Because I know how much she is missing! We are so very blessed to be able to send our kids.

9. God's enabling to home school.  I'm just not good at it.  I don't even want to be good at it.  I don't want to DO it.  But when you know you are doing what you should be doing. . . well. . . you just do it.  It's given so many opportunities to work through things.  And I'm grateful for what we are both learning.

10.  New cordless phones for the house.  And the blessing of having kids (in this case, Son #3) who can get on Consumer Reports, find the best rated phone with what we need, get online and find the best deal, and order it.

11.  ALL of the kids help.  It's taken all of us working together to survive here at the troops, lately.  Daughter (#2) has taken over meal plans and they've ALL helped with laundry, schedules, rides, and making sure the Coach and I get a date night now and then.

12.  So much wonderful help and counsel from sweet friends who love us.  Trust me, I need the help!  I have been tremendously grateful for the words of advice.  We are trying it all!  Ha!  And some of it has been just what we've needed when we've needed it.

Can I ask for prayer, yet again, today?  We have now been referred to a Pediatric Gastrointestinal specialist.  Pray with us that the Lord will give the doctors discernment, insight, and wisdom and that test results will give clear direction.  Thank you.

Happy Thursday!


Carrie Chlebanowski said...

still praying with you! We ares upposed to see a GI specialist too... but can't get in until November. With our newest info, I'm not too concerned about waiting, but for you, I am praying you will get in soon!!

Cindy P said...

...and I shall add to my 'Thankful Thursday' mental list: Thankful for you! <3 Wish we lived closer so we could visit over coffee and laugh about life's mishaps with a big and busy family- a bit..... know that i am praying for you and am continually encouraged to read your blog. have a great Thursday, my friend!

Carissa Byers said...

Oh my! Thinking of you guys. I took P. to a pediatric gi specialist and it was WONDERFUL to hear a diagnosis and a way to treat it. (Versus the pediatrician at the time saying nothing was wrong.) So I hope your visit is as glorious as ours was.

I also hope it's not as messy in the end as ours was. You see what I did there?