Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thankful. . . just thankful.

I know it's Wednesday.  But if I don't get my thinking on track, I won't survive until Thursday.  Ha!


I'm thankful that we celebrated my sweet girl's SWEET 16 this week!  Love her.  And she loves her new car.

I'm thankful that my kind and thoughtful parents not only hosted us for the 16th birthday party, but also catered dinner from Ted's so I could just show up with cake.  Love them.

I'm thankful that the troops are all well and back at school after two weeks.  Yay!

I'm thankful that my house will be clean, today.  And thankful for help in that area every two weeks.

I'm thankful for my new washer and dryer, even if laundry is WAY piled up.  How do I get so far behind?

I'm thankful for the AMAZING beautiful snow ALL DAY yesterday and Little Man's tremendous delight it in.  And there is even some left, this morning.  Daughter (#6) said, "Looks like we might have a White Valentine's!"  Hmmmm.

I'm thankful for a friend to run with. . . and that we didn't just complete our seven miles on Monday. . . we conquered it!

I'm thankful I don't have a stress fracture THIS February like I had LAST February!

I'm thankful for Thieves Oil and that the Coach and I have stayed healthy even with the plague raging around us.

I'm thankful for this friend who has been my FB chat buddy, running buddy (virtual, that is) and fellow mom of many to commiserate with during illness, homeschool, and questions about running tights.(Don't ask.)

I'm thankful that the Coach's girls won their last home game last night.  WOW it's gone quickly.  Wow.

And you know what?  We've done just fine through basketball season.  We had one tournament weekend that all of the troops griped and complained about. . . but otherwise they've all been amazing.

For now. . . I'm off to get this day started.

Happy Wednesday!


Cindy P said...

Awwwww! You are my inspiration!!!! I love being your virtual running buddy, fellow commiserater(?), and far away chocolate enthusiast! :)....I would LOVE it if we could live closer <3.... although, after reading that you and your 'real' running buddy just tore up a 7 mile run.... it's a bit easier to be content that we live so far away. :)
God made our paths cross- and I am blessed because of it. <3

amber said...

it's always amazing to me how hearing someone else be thankful makes you feel the same!!

thanks for the perspective today. :))