Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday at the Troops

I'm tired of desk work.  And I need a secretary.  Or an assistant.  Or both.

Online school enrollment.  For eight.
Club volleyball enrollment for Spring.
Ordering KT Tape for my basketball player.
Paying bills.
Mailing bills.
Searching and NOT finding Little Man's shot record for school enrollment.
(Although I get some credit for this being the first time I've misplace one!)
Filling out paperwork for our medical savings reimbursement.
Sorting through Christmas cards, changing addresses, putting family pictures on the fridge (thanks to Daughter #6) and filing them away.
Answering a bazillion emails.

Of course sitting down to do all of this means that the dishes aren't done from breakfast and the laundry isn't folded.  There is only one of me, after all.

And I'm pretty sure that my list is longer than it was when I started.

In the meantime, flu patient #2 (Son #3) and flu patient #3 (Little Man) had their fevers soar and intervention was required.

Along with Sprite, Bean Soup, Chicken Strips (this flu makes them HUNGRY!), blankets, wet cloths for the foreheads, and peppermint oil for the aching heads.

And it's not even noon, yet.

But you know?  I love this life.  I do.  I love being a stay at home mom (I will NEVER know how my working friends balance it all!).  Although I tire of the constant, "Mom! Mom! Mom!"  I am glad I'm the one caring for them when they are sick.

I'm grateful for the time to clean, wash, launder, and serve.

And my wonderful Coach who works so hard so I can do what I love.  And I'm grateful that his work IS doing what he loves.  I don't take that for granted.

I'm grateful that my kids are happy.  Even the sick ones.

That the day is sunny.  And warm for February.

I'm grateful for plenty of easy food to fix for the starving, feverish, sickies.

And old movies on Netflix that make me laugh when I walk through the room to plump a pillow or take a temperature or fill a drink.

I'm grateful for pansies that perk up when the sun shines EVEN after being frozen time after time.

And a fescue yard that is green all year, even when the trees are bare in the Winter.

I'm grateful that all eight kids are enrolled in our wonderful school for next Fall.  ALL EIGHT.  Wow.  Life will be changing for this momma.  A senior AND a Kindergartener.

And I'm loving these days at home with my kids even more because of it.

At this particular moment, though, I'm eversotired of sitting here at this desk.  So I'm off to see how the boys are and keep my 4th grader going on her math.

Happy Tuesday!

Have I mentioned that one week from today is someone's Sweet 16?  I love this girl.

And she has the MOST handsome Coach.

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