Monday, October 6, 2008

Pioneers we're not!

Our power went out this morning. Not sure why. No big storm. Just a nice soft rain. Odd.

When our power goes out, everyone starts screaming. Something about all of those Sound Screens, fans and night-lights going out all at once.

It was 5:20.

We almost got everyone settled down before it was time to get up, again, at 6:20.

For the most part, everyone got ready by candlelight. Showers were taken in the dark (thank heavens for gas water heaters!) and everyone ate cereal in the kitchen while I made lunches.

All in all quite the adventure.

However, our garage (where the Coach's car is) is difficult to open without power, so we were trying to figure all of that out, when the electricity came back on!

Everyone was out the door, a bit more tired, but ready to go.

Although I'm pretty sure I'll never get that red wax out of the girl's carpet.

Around here (and I'm sure at your house, too) it's "always something". Good thing the Coach is always telling me, "Embrace the chaos, Sweetie!" - because there is a lot of it.

Happy Monday!


Lori Leigh said...

So that's where you've been! I'm SO SORRY! What a pain! It's raining here too. But we have fortunately not lost our power. Hope you have a calmer day friend!

Jo said...

"Always something" is a phrase worth cross- stitching. Indeed. Not a cross-stitcher though.

Zimms Zoo said...

Oh come on I think you guys would make great pioneers.

Lots of Little House on the praire girls!

I am glad it came back on. How bizarre.

Carla said...

That happens in our town about 3 times a year. Have no idea why. What remains a bigger mystery is how sleeping children wake up the moment a night light stops working. Been there.

Anonymous said...

I have heard (although have not tried) that you can take paper towel and iron over it and the wax will stick to it and come out of the carpet. I think that you pick up the big pieces of wax that can be picked off first. Now, that red color... it might have soaked in a bit.
I always wondered how my children knew when the nightligts went off as well, guess it works the world round! :)
I like that phrase, "Embrace the chaos!" I'll try to remember that during school tommorrw!

Lori said...

Happy Thursday friend!