Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Extreme Home Makeover Edition

Are you ready?

Because I have something AMAZING to show you! I'm thankful for so much today, but I've been wanting to show you our NEW master bedroom. It's finally done. Well, I still have one pillow to make, but I'm calling it done.

I know you're excited!

Or, at least, you will be! Here's what our bedroom looked like before:

Please don't email and tell me how awful it looks. First of all, the bedding looked just fine in our first two homes. With white walls. And secondly, I had to get these pictures taken while sorting Summer clothes for the boys. Ugh. It's not usually a MESS like this.

For about two years, I had been looking for new bedding that I liked. Problem was, I couldn't find anything. You won't be surprised to know that I wanted it to be red. Duh. But Coach was adamant that we could have nothing with flowers. Have you ever seen red bedding without flowers? Besides that, I'm a pretty simple kind of girl. I don't like formal (we have eight children, for heaven's sake) or fancy (have I mentioned that I married a football coach?). Classic, is more my style. Impossible to find.

Sometime during the Spring, I found a picture in a magazine that I LOVED. But it was WAY too expensive for my budget. Did I say budget? More like "what food can we do without so that I can buy a new comforter?" Anyway, I loved it, so I decided I'd look into buying the quilt and making the dust-ruffle and drapery panels. I began fabric shopping.

Yeah, I had lost my mind.

Then my Nana found another magazine with a similar print and it was much cheaper then the first one I saw. I debated, tried to think how I could justify it, etc.

Right about then, my Mom called. Said she and Dad would like to get us the new bedding for my birthday! Wow. It still makes me smile, every time I see it. I'm sure she was thinking she'd rather buy the bedding than care for my eight children after I went completely crazy while sewing. Thanks, Mom!

It wasn't just the bedding, though. Check OUT that wallpaper. What were they thinking? I'm not really sure, but it was awful. The whole bathroom and shower area had it, too. Whew.

So we stripped wallpaper, textured, painted, took up the carpet in the bathroom and put tile down. I painted our brass candlestick lamps RED (of course) and our mirror frame (in the bath) BROWN. Got a couple of new shades. Made a new cover for our side table. And a new picture over the bed finished it off.

I'm so very happy with it. Enjoy:

And that, my Friends, is a WHOLE lot to be thankful for.


Ariel said...

Oh wow!! It looks great!!! You guys did a wonderful job!

Jo said...

Beautiful. I love red and white. So clean and happy. I know it makes you very very happy. Thanks for sharing and lots of hard work I see.

Lori said...

I LOVE the makeover! How wonderfully beautiful. And I'm glad you have plenty of pillows! I have a pillow fettish and it has been remarked that I may possibly have more than necessary. But I protest, because one can never have enough pillows on one's bed.

LOVE the red and toile. So you!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! What a wonderful story of God's provision, your growing more patience and the wonderful love of parents! Such an encouraging story, and a great room to boot! :)

Judy said...

Many (how about 35) years ago a friend who had been an interior decorator gave me a pillow in olive green and white (proves it was 35 years ago) toile.... saying, "There should be a touch of toile in every home." Since that day to this, I have strictly followed that advice. But not in olive green. :-)

Judy said...

Forgot to mention how beautiful the room is, and I love the red and white toile. :-)

Zimms Zoo said...

I LOVE toile!

We had a wonderful comforter like that until recently. Now we just have a fleece blanket over the ugly comforter.

The zookeeper doesn't like flowers either. That is why we have everything in solids.

I love your room. It is so nice! Yeah for you and your new room!

hilary_dehaan said...

Wow! What an awesome transformation@ Don't be embarrassed by your before picks. You should see our room *haha* We haven't done anything since we moved in over two years ago except strip the trim around the windows, closet, door and floor. It's a disaster! Oh, we did do some patching of the sheet rock, so there's a lovely smear of white stuff here and there throughout the room *haha* Oh, and the previous tenants decided to paint the walls a "lovely" mustard color and the ceiling a chocolate brown. Yep. Nice!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

Cindy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! It looks incredibly romantic! Great job! :)

Jen S said...

I love it! I love red too. How fun for you! Enjoy!