Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I think I missed Thursday completely, last week.  Was there a Thursday last week?  Because I don't remember it.

OH.  Yes, I do.  Had two kids home with fevers on Thursday and Friday.  That's why I don't remember.  I'm blocking it out.

So much to be thankful for.  I'll start with last week:

1.  Tylenol and Motrin.  I should buy stock.

2.  Repaired cook top.  Special thanks to my Daddy - the electrical engineer extraordinaire - who can replace a switch under my stove WITH a 4 year old granddaughter "helping" and singing in his ear.

3.  Finally getting a ride on the new Harley.  Thanks, Dad!

4.  Good report on both fevers - no strep!

5.  A very productive Saturday - Sam's, Wal-mart and the car wash TWICE.

6.  Quiet Sunday morning, at home, with the sickies.

7.  Everyone healthy and back at school.

8.  Son #1 winning his football game, Tuesday night - you should have seen him!  He made some GREAT blocks and carried the ball THREE times.  Or so I hear.  Try as I might, it's hard to watch the game while watching Baby Boy, I mean, Little Dude, climb up and down the bleachers.
9.   Sweet Friends who will give up an evening to come watch a Jr. High football game with us - making all of my kids VERY happy to have their friends there.  Me, too!

10.  A new cheesecake recipe, which I am going to post about, later!  Yum!

11.  Dinner last night with my Grandma and uncle to celebrate her 89th birthday!  There's something about all of the kids sitting there (quietly, even!) listening to Grandma's stories.  Makes me happy!  We love you, Grandma!

12.  Getting a hair cut, yesterday.  Ahhhh.

13.  For some of the most beautiful weather EVER - and for several weeks, now.  It's hard to be grumpy when it's so pretty outside!

14.  For the Coach.  The most kind, content, Lord-loving AND strikingly handsome guy that ever was.  I love that man!  Can't wait to see him in November!  (just kidding)

Happy Thursday!  Be sure and leave me a comment and tell me what YOU are thankful for today!


Lori said...

Great post! I'm thankful that I'm not living in a city that is in a drought status anymore! I just bought pansies for fall. Didn't get to do that last year. I love fall.

Jo said...

Thankful you all are well. No one should be sick in this beautiful weather. Thankful for a riding lawn mower. Thankful for candy corn :). Thankful for a big yard to play in. To name a few. Love ya.

Zimms Zoo said...

I so totally jealous of the Harley ride. I am hoping with the economic down turn that someone will need to sell another bike dirt cheap and then the zookeeper and I can ride around on those and leave the kids at home all.the.time. Just kidding!

Thankful for lower electric bill with the nice weather.

Thankful that a friend turned me onto a stroller on Craigslist that I missed.

Thankful for baby girl hand-me-downs. Couldn't even keep them all there was so much!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are all healthy again! Thanks for the encouraging list! Read my blog for list of thankful things- you have inspired me!