Friday, May 8, 2009

Because I can't wait any longer!

When we moved here, 3 1/2 years ago (WOW! How the time flies!), we did some room rearranging. Turns out there IS a more convenient way to do things when you have eight kids.
The room that they had used for the formal dining room was LARGE and carpeted. And NOT next to the kitchen. Enough said. Never mind that "formal" isn't really something we know how to do, here at the troops.
We made that our playroom.

Then we used the breakfast room in the kitchen for a LONG time. But when Daughter (#7) needed to leave the highchair and join us at the table, there wasn't room in the kitchen to put the second leaf in the table so that it would be big enough for nine.


We rearranged, again, making our former computer room/office NEXT TO the kitchen, our dining room. We pulled up the carpet, put in wood floors, peeled wallpaper and textured and painted. The Coach and my dad even added pretty chair rail and crown molding. Perfect.

Lately, we began talking about shopping for a hutch for the dining room. To hold extra dishes and serving pieces and give me some breathing room in the kitchen.

But there were (at least) two problems.

First, I wanted something LARGE enough to store a lot of stuff, but the bigger hutches would go along the wall and be directly behind the kids, which seemed dangerous.

Although corner hutches seemed like the best plan (so that kids wouldn't bump them getting in and out of their chairs at the table), I couldn't find anything very big. Seemed silly to go to the expense and trouble for such a small amount of space.

One night we were sitting around the table after dinner with my parents here, and my dad said he had an idea.

Well, I'll just SHOW you!

We started with a wall (trim and chair rail removed):

Then a big HOLE:

Which became a big framed hole (our garage is on the other side):

It stayed this way for a while and the kids thought it was a perfect elevator. Hmmm. Not sure to where.

Or a stage.

We enjoyed a lot of after-dinner performances on it.

And then, thanks for my Dad's wonder working design magic, a really great cabinet builder and a weekend spent installing it (while I was in DC with Daughter #2):

A BUILT IN hutch.

It only sticks out a few inches but has LOTS of room for pretty things and dishes.
It's six feet long!

Yes, hardware has been ordered. But I couldn't wait two more weeks to show you!

Isn't it fun?

Come join us for dinner, sometime, and you can see it in person!

Happy Friday!


The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

that is a beautiful hutch!!!!! so did you know it was going to be installed while you were gone? and lastly, how how did you get that comment about leaving real names under the "leave your comment"?

Zimms Zoo said...

that is so awesome! so when do we come?

Lori said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hutch! And we'll be over for dinner tonight. Ha! :)

Chris and Mary Malone said...

We have a large family too. We're about to do a major overhaul downstairs because we just adopted two more children. We need a LARGE table. Love your farm table. Did you buy it at a local store, internet, or where? Thanks.
Chris & Mary Malone

Sumer said...

I LOVE that hutch! Started looking around our dining room thinking about which wall I could destroy and too bad I would have to take out the laundry room! fine with me, I don't like washing anyway . . .

Sheryl said...

The hutch looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Fun to make changes, move things around, improve! What fun!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Your dad does some truly awesome work!!

Cindy said...

Wow, that really is incredible! Ya know.....I've seen your old house a few times but have never been to the one you're in now! ;)