Thursday, May 7, 2009

Large Family Funnies. . .

I know it's Thursday. And I have a LOT to be thankful for. But I'm short on time today and this is SO funny - I had to share.

Posted with love for all of my mother-of-many friends. . .

From my sister-in-law (the Coach's sister and mother of 12):

"You Know You Are in a Large Family When..."
Someone asks where are the boys and you answer, which ones?
You say eight different names before you get the right one.
When you have six people in one bedroom.
Everywhere you go people ask, "Are these all yours?"
You take up two pews in church.
You have to double any recipe.
You remember when something happened by what baby was born that year.
You have three bathrooms and they are always full.
Everything you buy at the store is in bulk.
You go through a McDonald's drive-thru and order burgers, and they ask you to repeat your order four times.
You do eight large loads of laundry every day and you are still not done.
You use up two boxes of cereal for breakfast.
And I would add, today, (because my dishwasher is broken) - "You run the dishwasher after every meal". When you have one that works. Ha! Thank heavens for paper plates!
Happy Thursday!


Squirly Girls said...

I am cracking up! This could not be any more true.

Lori said...

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

12... and sometimes days with 5 seems like a lot! Thanks for the chuckles, and reminders to be thankful-- my dishwasher does work!

Jo said...

So funny!!!! How many times I think of you when I'm coordinating something with 4. I just double it in my mind..... and then I have a melt-down.