Saturday, May 16, 2009

When I grow up. . .

Thinking tonight about my mother. She really is amazing.

If a day goes by that she hasn't come over, we wonder what happened!

When she walks up the driveway, or comes in the door - all of the kids are so excited!

The minute she gets here, she looks for some way to help. She'll fold a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher, listen to a little one read, fix a sippy for Little Man. I don't have to ask.

Last week she came over with a sweet helper and cleaned my house.

Isn't that incredible?

I sometimes worry that with eight kids, I won't be able to do all that she does for her three grown children.

And I suppose I won't.

But I certainly pray that I will LOVE my kids the way she loves hers.

That I will rejoice with them over every birth, every birthday, every happy occasion.

That I will cry with them in every tragedy and loss. Just like she does.

I never had to worry about telling her about "another" baby and getting any kind of response other than JOY. She believes every child is a blessing and she lives that.

She didn't criticize me for putting my kids in school, even after home schooling me and knowing I had planned on keeping mine home, as well. She understood that I was overwhelmed and was happy for me that they could go to the best school in the world with their daddy and papa.

She brings me pretty things for my house, useful things for life (like a headset for my phone, today).

She takes the kids shopping when they need shoes or a dress when I don't have the time.

She lets us "drop in" whenever we want. Even if she's not there. Ha! Sometimes you just need a change of scenery, you know?

She's taught me to be grateful.

To honor and love and praise my husband.

She owns almost every book I could ever need to read. And if I ask her to, she'll buy a book I want and let me read it and then keep it in HER "library" instead of mine.

She tells me I'm beautiful. Girls need that, you know?

She's young at heart, fit, active, a marathon runner and in great shape. That means she can play with the kids, get down on the floor with them, take them on hikes in Colorado and chase them around the yard.

She's tremendously organized. Perfect filing system, lists of everything. When you need something, she can find it. She's helped me countless times with MY files and records - and always knows the best way to keep things in order.

When I whine and complain, she reminds me how very blessed I am.

She adores her son-in-law, my Coach. Adores. Seriously.

She listens to the Bible on CD while she works around the house. She studies God's Word, listens to sermons and reads constantly. She loves to learn.

If you need to know how to write something, the proper grammar or sentence structure - she's the one to ask. She corrects my kids when they say something the wrong way - even if I don't notice because I'm wiping a nose or changing a diaper.

She writes the children letters when they are born and on every birthday. Keeps track of special events in their lives and teaching them about the Lord and His providence.

She attends countless programs, concerts, recitals, award assemblies and even field trips. Even with 20 grandkids in three different schools and three different churches, she rarely misses anything.

She encourages my kids to memorize God's Word by giving them rewards for each chapter they learn. Then she listens to them quote it until they know it word for word.

When she makes a mistake or forgets something or says something that comes out wrong, she is quick to ask forgiveness and make things right. Wow.

She's not perfect. She'd be the first to tell you that. But if I could chose any mom in the whole world I would choose her. She loves us all so much and truly gives of her life to invest in my life and my children for eternity.

I want to be just like her when I grow up.


Jo said...

This made me cry. For two reasons. I have a sweet mom for whom I'm so grateful and because I know your special mom too. I smiled to myself as you honored her so beautifully. Give her a big hug for me! And a marathon runner too? Thanks for taking the time to bless her and to remind me to be thankful. I miss you too. Hugs.

Judy said...

You can add to your comments that she is a caring friend.I have loved her for 20 years eventho I haven't seen her since the K'ville days.

The Adventures of Treasure's Island said...

lovely tribute to your mother.

Zimms Zoo said...

That was so wonderful! We can all so much from our mothers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful, friend and role model in your mother! Isn't it fun having a mother so ready to be a part of your life, teaching and encouraging as they go along? I thank God with you for wonderful mothers!

Sumer said...

OHHHH Karen, how beautiful! I admire her for the way she holds her family TOGETHER! You are such a mom idol for me, now I know where you get it! I'm glad to know she is not "perfect" ~ I always thought you two just might be! :)Have a great week!

Squirly Girls said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. Isn't wonderful to have your mom as your best friend? I can totally relate to the part about dropping in. A couple of yrs ago I gave mom a sign that read, "Meme's Inn (even when she's not)."