Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Almost Over. . .

Well, school gets out tomorrow. At least the Elementary does. For the first time, we have a secondary student - he gets out Thursday. He's grown up a lot this year (here with his cousin and #6 at homecoming in January).

Tonight is 6th Grade graduation for Daughter (#2). Can't believe THAT! Where does the time go? Here she is with her cousin at Mt. Vernon.

Fortunately, I have my handy dandy steam cleaner, because I fell asleep while the kids were watching Zula Patrol (don't you LOVE Qubo?) and woke up to pink yogurt all over the playroom carpet. Seriously! Where did he FIND this?

Of course I can't stay frustrated with him for long when I see him praying like this (in the Kindergarten program last week).

I should explain why I fell asleep at 10 in the morning, I suppose. Went to the doctor yesterday - I've been feeling so badly since I got home from DC. Sinus infection. Of course! Steroid shot. No sleep last night. Coming down off of it, now, and SUPER tired. Apparently there is a pattern here. I haven't seemed to be as productive this time, though.

Went to Chick-fil-A for our weekly lunch date with Grandmother and Granddad. The last time there will just be five of us at lunch for awhile. Actually, there were six - Nana came with Grandmother.

This year has gone so quickly. I'm so proud of all of my students. They have all had a good year - good grades - learned so much. More importantly, made wise choices. God has blessed us so abundantly. I really enjoy 1st grade, especially. Reading really takes root in that year and our #5 has started devouring books. I love Kindergarten, too, although the year started out difficult for #6. She's matured so much, though. And reading? LOVE to hear her reading. (Here they are with their dolls - #6 on the left and #5 on the right.)

Of course the big kids are fun, too. Can't believe #1 is heading into 8th grade. Wow. And our #2 will be in Jr. High next year with him. I'm proud of them, too. Such good kids. The boys (4th and 2nd) did so well this year, too. Great teachers, great classes. And they've grown up so much. Here is #4 with his award winning art work. And #3 at his Land Run - staking out his claim.

So Summer is upon us. With all of it's basketball camps and football camps and VBS and weekly trips to the library (we never have enough books for all of these kids!). Vacation in Colorado with the Coach's family and hopefully lots of time swimming and just hanging out with cousins in the back yard.

I'm glad next Fall doesn't mean starting another child in school. We've had three Kindergartners in three consecutive years and it's nice to think about a year off. #7 and Little Man will still be home with me next year and I'm glad. (Here's #7 with her #6 in her Kindergarten class last week.) Life's never boring with those two around.

And now to clean the carpet and take a rest with my girl. We're exhausted. Whether from the sinus infection or the whirlwind that is the end of school or BOTH.

We've had so many urgent prayers needs in our circle, lately, and I've been reminded to be constant in prayer. Faithfully crying out to the Heavenly Father for His divine working in the lives of so many who are hurting or needing His touch.

I'm glad God is good. All the time. And that we can trust Him. We know that this side of heaven there will be pain and suffering and outright battles! But we also know that He has overcome this world. And ultimately, our victory is sure. In Him.

Praying that you will have a blessed week, Friends! Maybe Summertime will afford me some more blogging time. Ha! I'm really wanting to dig into those money saving tips that I know you could share with me.

Then again, I imagine the eight kids, the house, going to the pool and the various FUN things to do will keep us pretty busy! What are YOUR plans for the Summer?

Happy Tuesday!


Lori said...

LOVE the overview of the kids! What fun! Sounds like they had a great year. Can't believe they are growing up so fast! Can you? We are also looking forward to summer! The neighborhood pool is 2 doors down so we are looking forward to swimming and maybe a summer camp or something. We will probably spend the 4th camping in Missouri and hopefully will be in OK a couple times. Hopefully I'll see you sometime this summer!

Lori said...

My chocolate chips....I like em chunky. Chunky, chunky, chunky... plumpy, plumpy, plumpy.....

Judy said...

Maybe in your "spare time" this summer you can finish the story of your courtship... You finished the last story with the Coach having pneumonia and a wedding days away.

Zimms Zoo said...

I second the comment from Judy.

We need to plan something soon. Where are you going to VBS? I am trying to find a place for the kids. I am not really wanting to go back to Henderson Hills.

HAHA. I remember reading the other story of your whirlwind cleaning. Too bad this didn't work as well, huh?

Jenni said...

Hey, Mrs. T...hope you're feeling much better now! My plans for the summer are to do as little of anything as possible. Ha!