Sunday, August 16, 2009

And then there was one...

One boy left at the troops, that is!

Son #1 was due to arrive in from Africa last night.  Well, turns out, the timing was bad.  I'm not sure whose timing. . . but the airlines they were flying out on was on strike.  

No, I'm not joking.

Instead of making out of there Friday morning (US time), they left this morning.  Most of the 48 hrs was spent in the lobby of the airport waiting.  Lobby.  Waiting.  With hundreds of other people.  No seats.  No food.

I wish I were kidding.

Anyway, they are finally on their way.  We are just going to pray them all home.  

In fact, I did way more praying than sleeping last night.  (yawn)  Well, praying and learning how to text.  It was morning there and my daddy was on his iphone - so we chatted a bit.  Slowly.  One letter at a time (I'm not very good at that texting stuff!).

We are hoping they will make it by tomorrow night.  Please, Lord!


In the meantime, my still-has-pneumonia Coach left today with our boys (#3 and #4) for football camp with our school's varsity team.

They have been doing this for a few years, now.  From the beginning, the Coach has taken our boys along with him.  They love it.  "Big" highschool football players (they seem big to my boys, anyway) who all know their names.  Big meals - they love that part, especially - swimming several times a day and enough football to satisfy even the Coach.  

And one year?  I think maybe the first year they went, after evening devotions with the team. . . Son #3 prayed to receive Christ.  

So we are fond of football camp around here.  The boys have a blast!

And in the meantime?  We get to watch "girly" movies and have cookies and mini pizzas and ice cream for dinner and go swimming without the ornery boys and paint fingernails and toenails.  Poor Little Man.  I promise we won't touch HIM with the nail polish!


But before we get down to business here for our girl time, I have the oven cranking out chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls and whole wheat bread for Son #1.  

I know he's going to make it home, eventually - and I want to be ready!


Life here at the troops?  Crazier than a circus!

And so very blessed. . .


Brooke said...

I'm glad to hear T is finally on his way home... No FOOD (?!?) in the airport, that is amazing. That in itself will be a good learning experience for him!! Have fun w/ your girlies :) My kids were in a wedding a few weeks ago, and Elijah felt so left out of the nail polishing, that I did his toes :) He has VERY pretty feet, lol.

Zimms Zoo said...

That is crazy. Of course it would happen to you guys! Sounds like a fun girly time though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little crazy over there! :) Have fun with the girls and one little guy! We make your brownie recipe almost weekly, I do not know if we should try the cookies, how will we know which one to choose!?

Sheryl said...

I had to start learning how to text also. It is the only way my son's football coach communicates with the parents. It is also slow going with the texting back.