Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am determined to not let this day go by without posting a thankful list.
So determined, in fact, that it's taken until all of the troops are sound asleep to get here.
And I'm a bit tired, myself.

But how could I skip this week's opportunity to tell you all that I have to be grateful for?
Can't do it.

So here goes:

1. The stomach virus? Short lived and only ONE sick (do you realize the monumental amazingness of that?)  It still may resurface, I realize. But I'm grateful for the break!
2. Son (#1)? Arrived safely (Thank you for praying with us!), only three days late - Tuesday at dinnertime. The stories are coming out here and there - he seems so very grown up. He is. I'm so proud.
3. My Parents? Home, as well. Hamburgers eaten together on Tuesday night on the way home from the airport. Missed them so much!
4. The Coach and the boys? Home from football camp Wednesday afternoon. They had a great time!
5. School supplies for six? All bought and organized. (Still need to mark them all with names, but that will come.)
6. The laundry? From 18 days in Africa and four days x three at football camp? Formerly stinky, but now all washed, folded and put away.
7. Daughter (#2)? Putting in and taking out her new contacts like a pro. After only two days! (Took me two WEEKS! And I was fourteen, not twelve.)
8. School clothes for three boys and three girls? Purchased (very few), organized (Thank you Lord for hand-me-downs) and ready to go.
9.  The house?  In spite of all of the coming and going, it's in pretty good shape.  The kids have been a HUGE help with that.  They can all clean like pros!  What a blessing!
10.  The Coach?  HE IS FEELING BETTER!!!  (Thank you so much for your prayers!)  He's already full force into football season and I miss him, already.  One of the blessings of 15 football seasons?  I know it will end.  :-)

In spite of all the work? I think we've enjoyed this last full week of Summer. With volleyball practice in it's second week and Jr. High football (for Son) starting Monday - it's only going to get crazier.

Honestly? I don't know how it will all work this year. Just like I didn't know how most days this week would work. We plan and prepare and try to stay organized - we give it to the Lord and ask Him for HIS direction - and we tackle it as it comes. Learning a great deal of flexibility, patience and giving up of our rights, along the way. Learning, too, to be humble and ask for help. I couldn't do it without help. 

It's all good.

In the meantime, I apologize for the messed up blog. It's all my fault. I did it. On accident, but by my very own self. Ha! Sweet Friend, Crazy Daisy (as if she doesn't have anything else to do), is trying to help me piece things back together. I hope you can still read it! And thanks for understanding that sometimes I just mess things up.

OK. Maybe A LOT of times I mess things up. How grateful I am for a God who loves me no less because of my messes. Who loves me know more on days when I (appear to) have it all together. He just loves me.

Happy Thursday from the Troops!


Jamie S. said...

Yes, so much to be thankful for! Your heart for the Lord just shines through all your posts. Your ability to let others see Him through the messiness of life we all experience is an encouragement! Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

Anonymous said...

Your thankful heart encouraged mine tonight! You bless me! I Love you and am so thankful to the Father for you, my dearest friend!

Zimms Zoo said...

What a wonderful list! So glad that everyone is back safe and sound.

auntgran said...

Thank you....again for reminding me of how to be grateful in all things and trusting in all things and loving at all times. You do it well...hiccups and all.

Lori said...

You stayed up WAY too late friend! I'm glad you did a post! Love the picture!