Monday, December 5, 2011

Home is good.

We pulled in from our weekend away, last night, bundled up the kids in their warmest clothes, and headed out to one of our favorite Christmas traditions - the Journey to Bethlehem.  Live camels and all.

Nothing like going from one extreme to the other.

From a lovely, clean, quiet, cozy hotel room with the Coach, to. . .

Well. . .

It IS cozy here.


As we wrapped up the trip to Dallas and pulled into the driveway, I found myself taking a deep breath, psyching myself up for whatever was waiting beyond the garage door, and the Coach said,

"Either embrace the chaos, or it will make you crazy."

He's right, you know (he usually is).

Because in spite of the no-less-than-three serious meltdowns, the laundry everywhere, the morning busyness, the noise, the dishes, the MESS (not when we got home, thanks to the ever-so-amazing cousin/sitters, but once we started to DO things). . .

Home is good.




But good.

I think I'll stay.

For now.

Drinking coffee in my own kitchen, after sleeping in my own bed (ahhhhhh), remembering the fabulous time with the Coach.  We are rather fond of each other, it turns out, when we can hear each other talk.

How blessed we are.  How much we love these crazy troops.  How much fun THEY had this weekend with their cousins.

Choosing to embrace it.

(although it may be too late for the "crazy" part)

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Being a mother is wonderful! Taking breaks with the one you love is wonderful! Glad you can enjoy them both! Have fun. :)