Friday, December 16, 2011

What a difference a year (or 17) makes

The Coach reminded me this morning, amid lunch making, coffee drinking, and pony tail fixing. . .
that tomorrow is our 17th anniversary.

I knew that.

I just wasn't thinking about it at 6:30 this morning.

For some odd reason.

But as soon as he said it, my mind started wandering back to THIS day, 17 years ago.  The day before our wedding day.  The bridal luncheon, the rehearsal, the packing, preparing, doing all of those last minute things that needed to be done before I became Mrs. Troop.

What fun memories!

And somehow humorous in a way.  . . to be thinking about that day. . . when I'm surrounded by piles of clean laundry that need to be folded and put away. . . a newly remodeled kitchen full of breakfast dishes and lunch fixings. . . Little Man watching Cat in the Hat beside me. . . my fancy (ha!) stress-fracture boot propped up on the ottoman. . . thinking about getting things in order here this morning so I can make it to my Weight Watchers meeting and on to the mall to see Son's (#4) class sing, have lunch with him, then attempt a Sam's run so we can eat this weekend, before I go pick up the younger kids at school, come home to supervise homework, eat dinner, then head back to Daughter's  (#2) Varsity Basketball game.

On top of a BUSY evening last night with our precious Elementary Christmas Program, hyper kids, and a late night conversation with our teens about the perils of the high school dating scene.

Yes, life is much different than it was 17 years ago for the Coach and I.

But you know what?

I love THIS.

This 17 years later chaos and craziness. . . with three teens, one recently turned 16 year old driver, a Freshman girl who loves basketball, a Jr. High student (who plays basketball. . . and piano, too), a 5th grader who cracks us up when he's not making us insane (and yes, basketball), a sweet, funny, tiny 4th grader, a "praise the Lord for His grace to this child" 3rd grader, a spunky 1st grader and. . . well. . . Little Man.

And my coach.  My amazing, wonderful, Godly, patient, wise, calm, hard-working Coach.  Who still melts my heart when he walks into the room.  I may have thought that I loved him on this day 17 years ago as I prepared to become his wife.  But I really just loved myself.  And maybe the IDEA of marriage and family and commitment.

And God, in His unending grace. . . has given us this precious LIFE together to learn to really love.  Not just each other, but more and more each day. . . HIM.

Thanks for letting me pause just a second to remember that.

Happy Friday!

(And I once again, apologize to our sweet, patient families for getting married one week before Christmas!  Whew!)

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amber said...

happy anniversary my dear~ and a very merry christmas to you and all the troops!!

sure hope your foot heals quickly!

love, a.