Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Come to Jesus Meetings". . . all around!

Around here when little people get out of order, when Mom and Dad let the little disobediences go for way too long, when attitudes struggle, and unkindness starts being way too common. . .

It's time for a "Come To Jesus Meeting".

Some of this, of course, has to do with disciplining, correcting, and consequences.  Some of it has to do with Holy Spirit conviction from the carefully applied Word of God.  And there's also just the stopping long enough to DO something about things we have been "too busy" to deal with.

Most of our older kids have made their own profession of faith.  They don't need MY conviction when something isn't "right" in their attitude, behavior, or relationships with others.  But they do need my help in recognizing and resolving things, sometimes.

Then there is the occasional disagreement between the Coach and I.  Both of us (OK.  Usually just me, but "both" sounds better) being stubborn and not admitting our fault.  Refusing to do the hard work of talking it out, asking forgiveness, and agreeing on a solution.  Marriage is hard work and sometimes I am too tired to want to make the effort.

That's when it's time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" in our marriage.

Any house with 10 people living in close quarters (don't let my kids food you, our house isn't "small" - it just feels that way with all of us on two couches - talking, laughing, and doing homework at night), there are going to be issues.  Big one.  Small ones.  Ongoing ones (don't get me started. . .).  Funny ones.  Serious ones.  Issues.

But sometimes, everyone else is functioning pretty well. . . kids getting along. . . Coach being his usual grace-filled husband and daddy. . . house running as smoothly as is realistically possible. . .

And MOM is the problem.


Sometimes I just get in a "funk".  Doesn't feel like anything is right.  The kids annoy me, the Coach is gone too much, sleep is elusive. . .

So begins the downward spiral into discouragement and feelings of overall failure.

It happens.

And THAT is when it's time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" of my very own.

Because when my focus is on my SELF my TIME my SLEEP my WANTS my NEEDS my eversobusy life.

Instead of the blessings of the Lord and HIS goodness to us.  Instead of finding joy in serving others.

It's easy to get off track.

The truth is. . . even when nothing else IS right (and not just in my head - ha!), I still have my Lord and Savior's love.  He still found me, saved me, continues to draw me to Himself.  In spite of it all.

So if you're feeling out of sorts, today?  Finding it hard to be grateful?  Wishing you were somewhere else doing something else with someone else?  Having a difficult time seeing anything GOOD in those around you?

Maybe it's time for "Come to Jesus Meeting" of your own.

Here is a good place to start. . .

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