Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday. Almost there.

It's late, but it's still Thursday.  And before the day ends, I HAVE to pause and be thankful.  In spite of the fact that typing really hurts because the tips of three fingers are split from all of the cleaning and hand washing. . . but even so. . .

1.  Only ONE case of the stomach virus.  So far.  Thank you, Jesus!

2.  That the one case of the stomach virus happened in the DAY TIME.  Do you realize the significance of this?  Sleep, I tell you.  It matters.

3. In slightly over 24 hours the Coach will be home.  Praise the Lord.

4.  Starbucks this morning from my Daddy.  Lovely.

5.  After a four mile *almost* run.  Not almost four miles, but almost all of it running.  Yay!  So grateful that the "formerly-stress-fractured" leg feels good.

6.  Huge HUGE amount of help from my sweet mother, today.  There aren't words for how much she blesses me.  And not just with her mad laundry folding skills.  

7.  Clean laundry all folded and put away - see #6.

8.  Kitchen clean, dishes washed - see #6.

9.  Clean house, clean towels, clean sheets. . . you get the idea.  My hands have had it.

10.  Aveeno Baby Lotion - see #9.  Best stuff ever.

11.  God's faithfulness in giving grace and strength all week.  Faithfulness, I tell you.

12.  Sleep.  I can't believe it - see #11.

13.  A loaner microwave from kind friends while ours is . . . still not fixed.  In spite of TWO service calls.

14. Birthday of my Sweet BFF this week.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lori!  Go on over there and tell her to POST something, already.  (grin)  Love you, Friend!

15.  Son (#1) driving the kids to school all week!  Woo hoo!

16.  Blessed evenings with the kids while the Coach has been gone.  One of my greatest joys ever that all of us love to sit and read in the evening when we are home.

17. 99 cent movies from Blockbuster for a sick girl.

18.  Clorox Green Works.

19.  Clorox Cleaning Wipes.

20.  Candles.

21.  Febreeze.

22.  BEAUTIFUL weather this week.  Warm sunshine, cool breezes, open windows.  Love.

23.  That Little Man is old enough to HELP with puzzles on the big table in the sunroom.  Not only does he NOT mess them up and get the pieces everywhere, the kid can WORK puzzles.  Real, big, jigsaw puzzles.  Can you tell I'm impressed?

24.  Ginger Ale.

25.  Cinnamon toast.

26.  The kind of marriage that makes having my husband gone feel like half of me is missing.   Because it's really wonderful.  Mostly when he's here, but even when he's not.

27.  Facebook.  I know it's basically a waste of time, but I love keeping up with sweet friends and can I just say?  Last night I laughed SO hard at a "conversation".  It felt good to laugh.

28.  Seeing and getting a hug from a good friend, today.  And a bit of a visit.  So nice.

29.  A soft comfy bed (love that memory foam mattress topper!) that is calling my name.

30.  Good books.  Did I mention that the Coach heard Eric Metaxas speak on Sunday night?  Wow.  Just wow.  THAT is a good book!

31.  That whether the Coach is here or not, I have a loving Heavenly Father who is ALWAYS with me. Always.  This song?  Love it.  He's always there.  I know it for real.

32.  Peace.  I've felt it.  Stomach viruses and a traveling husband?  Peace.  How I love my Jesus!

33.  Answered prayer.  Have you ever FELT the prayers of others?  I have yesterday and today.  I've had a calmness and a patience and a  LOVE for my troops. . . even though all common sense said I should be going insane.  When I wanted to quit and then. . . it was OK.  Somehow OK.  Praise the Lord.

I keep thinking of more!  Ha!

34. Science Fair over with for another year.

35.  That Son (#4) and Daughter (#5) have completed all of the work they missed while sick week before last.  They have worked so hard!

36.  Parts in the school play for Daughter (#2) and Son (#3).  So fun!

37.  No more broken bones in the house!  Woo hoo!

Really. . . my fingers can't take anymore.  Ha!

Happy Thursday!

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