Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break at it's Finest . . .

No, there aren't ski slopes or sandy beaches out my back door.
No, we can't sleep in until 10 (ha!) or go out to eat for every meal.
No, this house doesn't have maid service (unless you count me) or mints on the pillows.
No, we weren't able to make our planned camping trip (because of the rain).

But yesterday morning, our first official day of Spring Break, I was pondering the wonders of what we DO have this week at the troops. . .

Sleeping in a little (the alarm did NOT go off at 6:00AM, at least).
Getting to have the Coach home WITH us.
Yummy breakfast with all of my troops (French toast and sticky syrup all around).
Coffee at the breakfast table with the Coach.
Finding the Coach and four kids reading their books.  All on the same couch.
Cousins coming to play.
Thunderstorms and torrential rain - one of my VERY favorite things!
Early afternoon matinees at the movie theatre with grandparents (and popcorn!).
Visiting at Grandmother's house.
Starting projects around the house.
Tacos for dinner (and grandparents, too!).
Lots of folded laundry.
Tucking the littles in all comfy and cozy with the rain falling outside.
Late bedtime after watching Rocky IV with the bigs.

And today?
Vehicles serviced (and a third driver to help with the shuffling).
Cloudy skies (and a little sunshine).
Errands, errands, and MORE errands
Games of Phase 10, Candyland, Go Fish, and LOTS of basketball.
Lots of "to do's" crossed off the never-ending list.
Leaves starting to appear on the trees in our yard and grass that is brilliantly green!
Successful heart surgery for one of my wonderful nephews - thank you, Jesus!
Dinner OUT with the troops (and the wonderful "ahhhhh" of realizing they CAN behave, CAN order politely, CAN say please and thank you, CAN share in conversation and laughter, CAN eat all of the food they ordered. . . and except for that little bit of "booth scooting" by the two youngest - they are quite a delightful bunch.).
Hospital visit with the recovering nephew.
Littles all tucked in safe and sound, once again.
"White Collar" with the bigs.

Our lives may not be "glamorous", but they are certainly blessed.  Tonight I'm praising the Lord for HIS goodness, HIS protection, HIS faithfulness.  He's giving our troops the blessing of precious memories, together.  The gift of RELATIONSHIPS with one another.

So maybe I was discouraged thinking how little "rest" this week would give us.  But maybe what we needed even more was TIME together. 

Yes, the food still needs to be cooked, the dishes done, the house cleaned, and the laundry washed.

But I'm so grateful we are all here together to enjoy it.  It's becoming more and more real to me that these days (of all eight at home, together) are numbered.  Have I mentioned that someone is turning FIVE this weekend?

And tomorrow?  The farm.  "Only one more sleep," Little Man reminded me as I tucked him in and kissed his head, tonight.  As if I needed to be reminded of the packing, groceries, the cleaning. . .

Ahhhhhh.  Never mind.  It's a blessed life, indeed!

Happy Spring Break!

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