Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally Friday

This week has been a long one.  Tell me I'm not alone in feeling this way?

Turns out, Daughter (#5) wasn't almost over being sick on Tuesday night.  She's still home.  I DO really, truly, think she's lots better, today.  But it seemed wise to let her rest and head back to school on Monday.

I asked the Coach last night why it's always so crazy here.  Sick girlie, driveway construction, basketball tournament. . . and that's just this week!

He's so patient with me.  I somehow think we can get into a good routine.  At some point.  But it never really happens.  Not with eight kids (he frequently reminds me), a husband who coaches, sports seasons, 6 in school, homeschooling, and LIFE.

You'd think I would have learned by now.

Just as I clicked (Publish) on Wednesday's blog post, Little Man came running up to me.  He has this way of getting IN MY FACE that makes me crazy.  But there he was (having a "personal space" bubble does not make me the best mom).

"There is a FIRE, Mom! A FIRE!"

"What? Where?" I asked him, feeling my heart start to race.  He has a tendency to burn things.  Like toilet paper in bathroom candles.  But it's been awhile.

"In the microwave!" he yelled.  "It's on FIRE!"

Well, I was IN the kitchen, forheavenssake, but sitting in a spot where the microwave was out of sight.

I jumped up, ran over to the middle of the kitchen, and what do you know. . . there in the microwave were FLAMES!  A fire filling our microwave.


I wasn't sure what to do.  Open it to turn it off, obviously, but I was scared to get that close.

I'm talking FIRE, here.

Fortunately, when I hit the "Cancel" button, the flames died down.  I opened the door, and in spite of the thick gray smoke, I could finally SEE what was burning.

The rubber coating on a metal "to go" coffee mug.

Oh yes.

A METAL coffee cup!

In my microwave.


So now, we've learned yet another life-lesson here at the troops.

Life Lesson #142.3
"Metal placed in the microwave will heat to a high enough temperature to burn rubber."

Yes, it will.

The microwave appears to be uninjured.  But the rotating glass tray cracked in two.  Pretty sure that was one HOT fire.

Thank heavens for Google - I had a replacement turntable on the way in no time.  Whew.

And next time you want to reheat your hot chocolate?  May I offer you a ceramic mug?

Although the guilty shall remain nameless, it wasn't Little Man. . . although I think it re-lit his fascination with burning things. . . he keeps asking me, "Will THIS catch on fire if I put it in the microwave?"  Good grief.

Happy Friday.

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