Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Woke up with a START this morning.  Don't you just hate how your brain works while you sleep?  I wish mine would just REST - then maybe it would be more capable while I'm awake.  Well, mine managed to remember mid-wake that I forgot to pick up the 1/2 side of beef that was ready on Wednesday.


Can't. Keep. Up.

On a positive note, I've bought five Christmas presents and a few stocking stuffers.  Of course I have a million bazillion left to go.

Not really. Because I really AM trying to minimize the materialism this Christmas.  But as you all know, it's more work to buy with purpose (something that is needed or teaches or to read) than it is to buy all of those fun, trashy, junk toys.

More expensive, too.

And who has the ability to think coherently enough to come up with ONE wonderful, fabulous, unique gift idea for each person on your list?  Not me, for sure.

My kids make their lists.  Prioritized from "most wanted" to "least important" - top to bottom - and those become my shopping lists.  My online shopping list.  Because the mall?  "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"

This morning I'm going to enjoy the immense QUIET while Daughter (#5) sleeps next to me on the couch with a fever (boo.).  I'm going to relish the fact that, while sitting here with her, I've whittled the nightmarish email inbox from 300+ down to 48 emails.  Well, 49.  50.  51. . . it's hopeless, you know.  Just wait until Monday morning. . .

I'm going to be grateful that the Coach brought home leftover brisket from his Coach's meeting - HELLO Sunday lunch!  That the calendar for the week is updated and printed. . . assuming that all of the kids are well.

That it's another beautiful WARM December day.  December!  Can you believe it?

That the house is decorated for Christmas, the laundry is humming, the dishwasher. . . oh fudge - forgot to start the dishwasher.  So much for the lunch dishes fitting.

That I'm learning (slowly) to use my Young Living oils to help my kids stay well and treat them when they are sick.

OHOHOH!  For my new iphone!  Woot woot!  Loving it.  So fun.  Feel guilty how much I enjoy it.

For old episodes of Cake Boss on Netflix (before she fell asleep), that we've already seen but are still fun to watch.  For library movies.  For a safe trip to T-town and back on Friday night (in spite of the agonizing loss.  Sniff.)  For a quick visit with my BFF and her precious family, yesterday.  For a date night, last night, with my handsome Coach - there's nothing more romantic than trips to Home Depot, Lowe's, AND Target. . . all in one evening.

And OHMYHEAVENS we are getting a new driveway this week!!  Well. . . more like taking out the scant two-lane drive that's slowly become more like gravel and putting in a PARKING LOT, but I can't begin to say how excited we are!!  The cars at the troops are multiplying (Daughter #2) gets her license in February.  Whew.  There is already a big excavator sitting in our side yard.  It's going to be a mess, but it's going to be GREAT!

So, I may be overwhelmed, I may have a sick girlie (and it may be the start of more sickness. . . we'll see).  It may be the busiest time of year EVER.  But there is so much to be thankful for.

My heart is burdened with so many needs - asking God for miracles on behalf of others.  Asking Him to HEAL, restore, redeem the grief of living in a fallen world.  He will.  Eternally, if not before.

Most of all. . . MOST of all. . . thankful for the sustaining grace of God. Some days it's all that there is.  And it's enough.


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