Friday, April 26, 2013


Longest. Week. Ever.

Is it just me?  Because when the Coach is gone, it's like I'm walking around with only half of myself.  And less than half of my brain, because we all know he's the smart one.

It's a cloudy, cool Friday morning.  I'm loving the LEAVES that are all coming out on the trees, softening the landscape of the yard.  I love every season.  But I grow tired of the harshness of Winter.  The tree branches that let the sunlight glare without filtering it before it hits the grass.  The sunlight rarely touches our backyard, once the leaves are out.  It's beautiful.

Yay for Spring!

And pansies.  Which I love.

The new kitchen floor should be scheduled sometime today.  There's that.  And tonight we have friends coming for dinner.  To make the time go faster, the kids decided.  We miss the Coach.

We've managed to survive a sprained wrist, pink-eye, and fingers slammed in a door.  Life at the troops is somewhat dangerous.  Today is also "Noah Webster Day" for the little sister, so she headed out looking like a cute little student from the 1800's.

The half-marathon is Sunday.  Yesterday, in the middle of my very last short run before then, my tummy did a little flip.  It's a weird feeling to FINISH training.  I can't describe it.  It made me oddly emotional. . . remembering last year's struggles (stress fracture - ugh).  And this year's.  It would be unusual (for me) to train and NOT have any issues.  It's hard.  It's such an analogy of LIFE.

Son #3 finished his run just as I was heading out, yesterday.  He runs at a 7:20 pace.  This makes me laugh and feel like congratulating him every time he finishes a run.  This annoys him.  My 10:30 pace is so much less exciting!

It's been a struggle to get homeschool done this week.  We have Spring Fever.  It's all we can do to get through those math lessons and grammar before the itch to do something else sets in.  This week, Daughter (#6) has cleaned out the fridge, organized the bathroom cabinets and shower (four girls = way too many shampoo bottles), folded masses of laundry, planned meals, made the list and helped me shop for groceries, along with her usual routine.  The girl is amazing.

Note to self:  When at home (the beach doesn't count), do NOT take a sleeping pill AND a Benadryl to keep from being up all night.  Unless you want to feel like the walking dead all of the next day.  And my apologies to everyone I talked to, yesterday.  Yikes.

And now we are off to get this day going.  Floor guy coming to measure, allergy shots, a trip down to the Expo to pick up our race stuff for Sunday, and getting the house and dinner ready for later, tonight.

Praying for all of my dear friends who have husbands who are gone more than not (I'm such a baby when the Coach isn't here).  And asking the Lord to show YOU His love, today.

Happy Friday!

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