Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of Send Offs

Just "yesterday" I had 6 kids seven and under and they NEVER WENT ANYWHERE.  And neither did I!  Ha.

Last week I had a fabulous beach trip with girlfriends, (and this one and this one and another one that doesn't blog). Ahhhhhh - a rare moment when I was the one being "sent off".  It was lovely.

While I was gone, Son #1 had his first Junior Senior Banquet (our school's version of Prom - with dress checks and minus the dancing!)

We love these girls!

This morning I kissed two of my men good-bye (the Coach and the 13 yr old) to travel to DC for 10 days.  It's an amazing trip.  This is the Coach's 3rd time to go - he's been with all of our 6th grade boys.  And I LOVED going with Daughter (#2) four years ago.  Wow.  Four years ago.

This Sunday is the OKC Memorial Marathon (and Half-Marathon, thank goodness!).  Training is done.  Love the taper!  Son #3 and I are running it, along with my mom (isn't she amazing?).  I dream of the day when THIS girl will come run it with me.  Someday!

And when they get back?  I'll be saying good-bye to the Coach and Daughter (#2) for the Sophomore trip.
And Daughter #5 will be off to 5th grade Science Camp.
And then the Coach and Daughter (#2), will be off to Haiti for a week.
Then Son #3 and my parents will be off to Africa for two weeks.
Then Son #1 and Daughter #2 will be off to Summit for two weeks.

While the big kids are all gone in June, the younger ones will have football camp, basketball camp, volleyball camp, and VBS. Along with Summer jobs and workouts and hopefully some time spent with this ministry, too.

Sometime around the first of July we'll all be here, together again.  For more than a few days.  And a week in Colorado that's already been planned.  Thank heavens.  We'll be back just in time for a new season of volleyball to start.

This is a crazy, busy, FUN season of life.  Never dull.  Never enough time in the day to get it all done.

I don't let my kids do "everything" - with the exception of Africa and the Summit, all of our activities are school related.

But with eight kids. . . it doesn't take very many things on the calendar to make it crazy.

The nights when all 10 of us can be around the table?  Have been few and far between.

I'm not complaining.  I love it all.  I love the opportunities my kids have to go and do and learn and share the gospel.

But it already seems quieter this morning with only eight of us.

Of course it could have something to do with who is gone.  (smile)

And I'm not talking about the Coach.

Yesterday (I found out after the fact) the three bigs gave speeches for Student Council offices.  They don't bother mentioning it because they don't think it's a "big deal", but the Coach told me last night.  And when I fill out forms and make appointments for overseas shots and check passports and. . . well, you know. . . I'm just so grateful.

For kids who LOVE the Lord and His people.  For a Coach who goes with them, encourages them, teaches them, reminds them that serving it where it's at.

Because he lives that each and every day at school and at home.


I miss him already.

Happy Wednesday!

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jo said...

Dreaming of THAT day too when I can scoot over there for that race! I guess I should finish one here first sometime. You're WAY ahead of me with a few of those under your belt already. So so good to hear about all the goings on. Man alive - is it ever crazy. I keep telling myself that it's just for a couple months of the year that everything seems to pile on top of each other. I sure look forward to a slower summer. But it's so good to hear all the ways you're trying to stay connected and keep that JOY high in the midst of the fun busy.
Love you much. Miss you!!!