Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hard to Predict

Some mornings I wake up with an idea of what the day will hold.

Unloading the dishwasher and starting the coffee.  Getting out the cereal and waking the littles.  Lining up the lunchbags and writing names on the lunch sacks (at a certain age, lunchbags become uncool, you know).  Washing out and filling the water bottles.  Putting in ponytails, making sandwiches.

Occasionally (OK.  Pretty much every day.) there are surprises.  Son #3 forgot to put his khakis in the dryer last night so they are still wet.  Shoes are lost.  PE bags are still full of dirty clothes from earlier in the week.

Or someone wakes up sick.

It happens.

Yesterday, I wasn't surprised at all to have two girlies who needed to stay home.  I wasn't surprised by the ice on the trees, or the frigid temps.  I wasn't even surprised to wake up to our 4th born turning THIRTEEN!

But I was just a bit surprised when the plumber, who came to fix the kitchen drain, got his snake STUCK in the kitchen drain and couldn't get it out.


Then a bit more surprised when he told me that the reason it was stuck was (I should be saying IS because it IS still there, this morning!) that the line has a break in it.

Why does this scenario feel strangely familiar?


We've done this before?

Jackhammered up the kitchen floor?

Replaced a section of the kitchen sewer line?

Re-poured the slab?

Replaced the entire kitchen/laundry/boys' bath flooring?


Not our first rodeo.

I was just a tad bit frustrated when the Coach called to discuss our "options"  (which seem to be leaving the snake IN the drain and never using the sink, again. . . or tearing up the floor).  A birthday party to get together for evening.  No way to wash dishes.  Two sick girls.  Trees covered with ICE and a cold blowing wind.

Not my best moment.

He reminded me, though (as he always does), that "it is what it is".  Do the next thing.  We can't change it, so get on with what needs to be done and purpose to be grateful.  (Which always seems easier for him to say while sitting in his quiet office at school. . . instead of the chaos that is here!)

I am grateful.

For foam bowls and plastic spoons.
For running water in the bathrooms (and some way to wash the dishes I can't avoid using).
For a clean house (at least until the jack hammer arrives).
For healthy kids (one girlie back at school and one still home but MUCH better).
For sunshine and melting ice.
For a handsome, fun, newly THIRTEEN year old son.  Love him.
For parents, in-laws, and friends to help us celebrate.
For birthday gifts and angel food cake from Sam's.
For clean clothes (the washer and dryer are still working!).
For a warm house.
For a precious Coach who loves me in spite of my tendency to have a melt down on a fairly regular basis.

So see?

I may not be able to predict what any given day will hold here at the troops.  But I can count on having something to be grateful for.  And a loving Heavenly Father who holds it all.

Maybe I should get a shower before the water gets turned off?

Happy Thursday!

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amber said...

love your attitude! makes me want to stop complaining here {as i've been doing today} and look for some things to be thankful for - for starters i'm going to say i CAN use my water and there's not a jackhammer in my kitchen. :))

hugs girl. and hope everything is back to "normal" soon.