Sunday, June 23, 2013

It happens

One day.

You wake up and realize it's happened.

It didn't happen all at once.

It certainly took it's time coming.

You've wished for it and waited for it.

You've wondered if it would ever happen at all.

Some days you doubt that it will.

Other days it seemed just out of your reach.

But here we are.

Drumroll please. . .

All of our kids can shower by themselves and come out CLEAN!

After 17.5+ years of bath time and hair washing (ohmyheavens - girls and their hair), towels on the floor and bath toys and tear-free shampoo. . .

I can just SAY THE WORDS.

And in a matter of minutes. . .

We have no more hot water and freshly scrubbed littles.


This is BIG ya'll!

Now, don't get me wrong.

Lots of answered prayers going on here that are way bigger.  But I'm grateful for the small things.

Kids all sleeping in their own beds (can you hear my joy?)!

Everyone can potty alone and wipe themselves and get their own drinks (gasp!).

Everyone can *almost* do their own hair (littlest girlie still needs some help now and then - but honestly?  I have three other girls who can help her!!).

The kids can all clean up, put things away, sweep floors, wipe up bathrooms. . . no more different chore lists for the littles and the bigs.

I rarely even have to start the washer or dryer anymore - thanks to a self-appointed 11 year old "Queen of the Laundry".


I can FEEL my lazy coming on.

Never mind that we also have kids who have traveled the world sharing the gospel, maintain full-time jobs, can serve others with energy and love, can babysit for Date night and Coffee dates, work for their grandparents, and help aunts and uncles on moving day.

And Little Man (who isn't so little anymore?)?  He started "reading" (sounding out simple words), yesterday.  When all of the kids can swim, ride a bike AND read?

I may have survived "Phase One" of this eversoexhausting parenting journey.  Ha!

Happy Sunday.

And may "Phase Two" (sending them out as independent young adults) commence.  In another year or so.  First I get to enjoy THIS!


Cindy P said...

oh my goodness!!!! i am SOOO excited for you! ...and i am right at your heels in celebrating my own "phase 1" ending. it is wonderful, freeing, and happy...and at the same time, i ask myself where did all the time go? it seemed like yesterday when i was deep in the season with no end! like a dream almost....except i have the grey hairs and age lines to prove otherwise... :)
well, here's to a grand phase 2, with no grey hairs added! (or atleast the ability to have them covered them without a sitter or the worry of making dinner when you get home!)

Mrs. Troop said...

I know, right? It's amazing and wonderful and just a tad bit sad. :-( They are growing up SO fast. Purposing to enjoy every moment right there with you!