Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday

1.  A fabulous FORTIETH birthday, last week.  Thanks to sweet friends and the amazing Coach. . . who organized and gave me a big darling bag full of sweet cards, notes, and gifts.  After a fabulous dinner out with the troops. . .and then the kids gave me a new pair of black fit flops and a new wallet. . .
And yummy red velvet cupcakes. . .

It just kept going!  Ha!

The final and most unbelievable thing of all?  A new laptop.

(contented sigh)

And honestly. . . the gifts weren't the best part about it - I felt so loved and blessed with the amazing people God has brought into my life.  Love them all.

Anyhoo. . .

2.  A great Father's Day with the Coach.  Taking Son #1 and Daughter #2 to the airport - they are spending a couple of weeks at Summit.  Already sounds like they are having a great time!!  Then lunch at home with the Coach, some resting, some suit shopping, Starbucks with the kids, and a visit with his parents.

3.  Gods grace to all of my mother's family as we've grieved the lost of my Uncle. . . and also rejoiced that he has received his ultimate healing. . . and is in the presence of Jesus.

4.  Safe travels for Son #3 who arrives home, tonight, from Africa.  So ready to have him home!!

5.  Beautiful weather.  As in, "not hot yet".

6.  VBS for the littles this week.  Little Man has been too excited to sleep, too tired to wake up, and can't stop talking about it!  Today I told him there was only one more day and he said, "That's really sad."  Ha!

7.  And lots and lots of projects getting done at the troops.  I guess when you are married to a Coach, who rarely has any free time all football season and basketball season, and end of the school year season. . . Summer is the TIME to get it all done.  Love it.

8.  Lots of days with the Coach coming home early (see #7).  Love time with my man!

I'm out of here.  It's Summer!  Time to heat up leftovers, get kids ready for bed, and READ!  Ha!  At least until we go to the airport.

Happy Thursday!

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