Thursday, June 6, 2013

The most Thankfullest of Thursdays. . .

Short list?
1.  The Coach is home safely from Haiti!

You know. . . that could really be the end of it, for now.  Because HELLO, best news ever!

But I'm sitting here with a full heart for more reasons than that.

I SLEPT last night.  So thankful.  I don't really sleep when the Coach is gone.  I guess that's what happens after 18 1/2 years.  I was so, so tired!

The washer is humming with mission trip laundry load number four - and the last.  I can hear the mower, blower, and trimmer going.  The best part being that my GIRLS are the ones out there doing it!  Well, the Coach is edging, but for lack of big boys around here, the girls have stepped up to help.

Son (#1) is at work - he started his Summer job on Monday.  So proud of him.  He's definitely a "Mr. Steady" like the Coach.  Daughter (#2) is on the way home from lunch with a friend - and is picking up Son (#4) from basketball camp on her way home.  I just took Cowboy cookies out of the oven - her one request when she got home last night.

Son (#3) is on a plane somewhere over the ocean - flying from Washington DC to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  13 1/2 hours.  And yesterday's flight to DC was his very first time on a plane.  Ha! So excited for him.

The house is clean - minus the piles of clean laundry from the trip - and it's a beautiful, cool, NOT stormy day.  The garage door (which broke yesterday morning as we were trying to leave for the airport!) is fixed and the exterminator just left - we have a earwig problem in the bathroom.

See what I mean?

Just so much to be thankful for, today.

I still have a to-do list a mile long and the electricity in the sunroom is still not working and the chickens?  Well.  They are a mess.  Not to mention the HUGE hole still in the backyard which they haven't been able to come fill because of all of the rain.

Let's just say we are no longer in a drought.

Every time the Coach is gone for awhile (thank heavens he's home to stay!), I think, "Whew.  We made it."  I knew when Spring arrived that he had three trips coming up and we're blissfully through them all and back to normal.  As normal as it ever IS here at the troops.

They had an amazing trip to THIS place.  Son is on his way to Kadoma, Zimbabwe, with THIS ministry.  And . . .

I can catch my breath.

At least until Son (#1) and Daughter (#2) leave next week for HERE.


Happy Thursday!

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