Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just. . . not. . . getting. . . it . . . all. . .done.

Do you ever read a verse in the Bible and feel like you're reading it for the very first time? Even if you've memorized it and read it many times, before? This happens to me a lot these days. I'm pretty sure it's because my memory is going (something to do with those nine pregnancies, you think?).

One of my favorite "habits" - I have a few good ones and many bad - is reading my Bible before I go to sleep. A few nights ago I came across this familiar passage:

Galatians 6:9
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

And this one:
II Thes. 3:13
But ye, brethren, be not weary in well doing.

I don't know about you, but I'm weary. In well doing. Seriously.

Do you feel like you clean the kitchen 100 times a day? Fold clothes and fold clothes and fold clothes and put away clothes and put away clothes. . . ?
Cook healthy nutritious meals over and over, again (and yet they keep getting hungry!)?
Bathe kids over and over? Lotion over and over? Cut nails, clean ears, comb tangled hair?
Put in pony tails, wash faces, apply band-aids and/or ice all day long?
Not to mention the never-ending grocery list, to do list, school project list?
Then there are the attitudes that need corrected. . . the discipline that needs to be applied over and over. . . the reminders. . . the teaching, training. . . over and over and over, again?


This verse reminded me that what I do IS "well doing". Caring for the family God has blessed me with is all good. It's my job, my calling, and truthfully? It's all I WANT to do. Most of the time.

So this week, when I only had time to vacuum and the dust is piling up. . .
I only had time to have the kids wipe bathroom counters and clean mirrors and the tub still needs a scrubbing. . .
I only had time to sweep the floors and they seriously need a good mopping. . .
I washed and folded clothes, but they aren't put away, yet. . .
I fixed "fast" meals because I have been short on time. . .
I've let kids go to school with hair sticking up. . . nails that need cleaned. . .and no shorts under their skirts (please don't tell).
I got the meal planning and grocery shopping done then realized I hadn't included items for school parties and a soon coming birthday. . .
(Wow. It's amazing how much better I feel confessing all of this. HA!)

Instead of feeling like a failure because I don't have it all together or get it all done or do it all perfectly. . .

I'm going to persevere. I'm going to remember that this is "well doing" this mommy job of caring for the troops.

I'm going to purpose to not grow weary. I know I'll still be tired. Always am. But I'm going to purpose to not lose heart (that's the real kind of weariness) and keep on keeping on.

Because. . .after all. . . I'm not trying to grow a perfect house, perfect meals or perfect organization in this life. . .

I'm trying to grow kids who love God and love others.

"for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

May the Lord strengthen your faint heart today and give you His strength to keep on doing well.

Think I'm going to go tackle the dust! Or maybe just let Daughter #7 practice her letters in it. Hmmm. . . .

Happy Thursday!


jo said...

I heard Carolyn Mahaney speak this week on "A Fresh look at TItus 2". She confirmed that what you are doing is making the gospel a shining jewel to your children and those who come in contact with your children. Be assured that your labor is not in vain friend but eternal in every way. Love you. Hang in there.

Jennie M said...

Wow! I am SO amazed by you! But then, I've told you that before! In spite of 8 children, a husband, and a home to care for along with ministries in which you're involved, you always maintain such a sweet, gentle spirit!! And I think that is wonderfully amazing! You articulated these words so well....and the truth behind them is so needed in today's fast paced world for women and moms! Thanks for being so honest and sharing your heart! I know there's lots of moms that need to hear this!!

Jennie M

Lori said...

I am so there with ya friend!

Sumer said...

Ditto to what Lori commented. Not there. Not even. Have a good Friday!

Zimms Zoo said...

I didn't realize I had missed so many posts! What a joy to catch up on them (even when i should be baking cookies in my living room hahaha) and what a blessing!!! Thanks so much for sharing your heart!

You bless me every.single.time. I think it is time for chili and brownies!

But you guys need to come here one Wed. for lunch so you can see the new kitchen (it is almost done, hence the baking in the living room which is where the stove is).

Love you my dear friend!

Jen S said...

Thanks, Karen, I needed to hear that word today. I have been sick and VERY WEARY. The hymn that has been speaking to me is "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" Do you know it? I love the lyrics:

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Come unto Me and rest;
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down Thy head upon My breast.”
I came to Jesus as I was, weary and worn and sad;
I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad.

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “Behold, I freely give
The living water; thirsty one, stoop down, and drink, and live.”
I came to Jesus, and I drank of that life giving stream;
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him.

I heard the voice of Jesus say, “I am this dark world’s Light;
Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise, and all thy day be bright.”
I looked to Jesus, and I found in Him my Star, my Sun;
And in that light of life I’ll walk, till traveling days are done.