Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day. . . in real life

Happy Day after Valentine's!

We had a busy weekend.

The Coach apologized for the fact that there just wasn't time for a date night.

Friday was homecoming at school, Saturday we celebrated Daughter #2's THIRTEENTH birthday, after he supervised our crazy household in the morning so that I could walk 9 miles. Sunday there was church, Sunday school, my afternoon Bible study with the sisters-in-law, a sick kid, homework to catch up on and groceries to buy for yet another week of crazy.

You know what I told him?

One day in the year being special does not a good marriage make.

The truth? He makes every day special.

I know he loves me - not just because he tells me so - but because every day he SHOWS me by working hard to provide for us, helping me by fixing and fixing UP things around the house. Helping with dishes and in the kitchen, motivating kids to do their chores. Supervising math homework every night, praying in three different bedrooms at bedtime every night. He studies God's Word to be the best man he can be, the best husband, the best father, the best teacher. He laughs with my kids, plays football in the yard and basketball on the court with them. He gives them good counsel, kind correction. He never (never ever once) complains about a meal, the house, the laundry, my exhaustion. Never. He smiles at me all of the time. He teases the kids and makes them laugh when they get frustrated. He tells me he's grateful for me. For God's provision. For the kids. He talks with me about what is in his heart. What he desires to see God do in our family. He comes home every evening and weekend seeking to be ALL here. He spends every "spare" minute with us, enjoying the kids and loving me so faithfully.

I'm telling you. . . it doesn't take a "special" Valentine's Day date to love a man like that.

We'll get our date night here before too long.

In the meantime I'll just keep enjoying LIFE with my Coach.

And the fact that my heart still beats faster when he walks in the door.

It's all good.


Lori said...

What a sweet picture! We didn't get a date in either, but that's fine. He sent me roses! And I'm trying to get us a date sometime later, besides, it would have been too crowded. Right?

jo said...

I kept finding myself saying "so true" through your entire post. Good stuff and ya'll are very sweet together.
God is good.
Love ya.

The Zookeeper said...

That is how our weekend went. Although we were able to sneak in a short date to Panera just as they were closing.

But you are right! That is how my man is.

Judy said...

Julia Roberts in "Steel Magnolias" ~ I'd rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.
Your posts always make me think you are having a lifetime of wonderful. Always happy for anyone whose life is one of gratitude and contentment.

Jen S said...

Amen,sista!! I love that romantic. Boy, if Monday morning isn't a reminder that it's the day to day that counts! So grateful to have a husband that is Mr. Right everyday of the year! :-)

Lori said...

Okay, so i just read your comment over at the Anderson Zoo and if you have some hairbows you need to get rid of,.... just let me know! :)

Corrie said...

I'll have to tell you about our Valentine's Day when I see you THIS WEEKEND!!!

Luke and Karen said...

I still remember the first time I heard your story-- glad to hear that it gets even better with time...