Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Woke up this morning FEELING Monday.

The kids were out of school, yesterday, following our amazing school banquet on Tuesday night. Now the days of the week feel completely OFF. I even started to do some of my "Monday List" things. Odd.

It doesn't help that I had the kids do some of the "Saturday" list, yesterday (since they were all home) and the Coach was home, too. And we did baths last night for the little ones. So that would make today Sunday, except it's not. I may never figure it all out!

The good news is - tomorrow is Friday! Yeah!

For today, though~

1. Healthy kids. Such an unexpected blessing at the troops this time of year!

2. FUN timeline presentation with Daughter #5 on Monday. LOVE having those - and love having them DONE. She's a sweet girl with a wonderful teacher. So blessed.

3. Great school banquet Tuesday night. We are blessed to be a part of the "family" that is our school. Well, and half of them literally ARE our family.

4. New storm door on the new back door, as of today. YEAH! Means I can have a breeze on the two or three perfect days each year and will be so nice for the kids coming in and out without bugs joining them on the way in in the Summer!

5. A freshly cleaned washing machine. The LARGE washer and dryer are wonderful - the scum that the washer grows, not so much. Been awhile since I've tackled that and WOW - it's much cleaner.

6. Son #1's Science Fair project almost done (and next week on my list will be that it IS DONE). (sigh) Not my favorite required part of schooling - but it builds character, right?

7. House is rather clean. Well, maybe not clean. But it's picked up. And vacuumed. And we're going with that, today!

8. Dinner made for tonight. Do you ever cook a big turkey and then make three or four meals out of it? Such a sense of accomplishment.

Just so much to be grateful for! I know you probably read this list and think, "Yeah. Whatever. None of that is a big deal." But it is. We are so blessed and have so much to thank our Heavenly Father for. Even if all you can think of is the gift of another day to learn more about Him.

So Happy Thursday. Or whatever day it is.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you are grateful for today!


Melissa said...

Okay so I'm not Martha Stewart...never heard of washing the washer. What exactly does that entale? :)

Brooke said...

Right now I'm thankful for a sick and grumpy toddler rather than the sick and practically catatonic toddler of yesterday and this morning :) She's on the mend! Hopefully, she won't puke on me any more :)

jo said...

Ditto Melissa. I actually have heard of someone scrubbing out the drum of their washer.
I thought it sounded insane and obsessive compulsive at the time. Now my boys and girls are very big and very dirty and I'm under the impression that clothes should smell clean coming out of the wash? Am I wrong? Apparently the time has come for this activity to occur in our family. Please explain how one goes about such madness.
Self cleaning ovens but no self cleaning washers - what is this? House on the Prairie?
Love your list. Those are wonderful accomplishments with great reward!

Judy said...

I have several very good recipes to use for leftover turkey. If you are interested, let me know...

Anonymous said...

The little things do count for a lot. In fact remembering the little things is what helps make my day a little more joyful sometimes!
When we got our front loading washer, we were told to put three cups of white vinegar in it and run it on the clean machine cycle. (I did notice that it said bleach only, but it seems to be working just the same.)
Crock pot dinner tonight, been having fun using it lately.
Happy Thursday to you.
Thanks for your comments- fun to hear from you! :)

Mrs. Troop said...

OK. Just to clarify, Girls! :-)
My washer is older than yours, I think, Donna. I don't have a "clean machine cycle" - that's a newer feature BECAUSE of what happens to mine! Ugh!
I do use a product that I run the washer with - but it doesn't clean the seal and outer edge of the drum. Next time I'll take pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. NO Martha, here, but EEWWWW some things are too gross to leave. HA!

And Judy - my favorites are turkey tetrazinni (tonight) and turkey/vegetable soup. Yum! I'd love more ideas! And how sad that a WHOLE turkey doesn't feed us more than three nights, anymore. :-(

Anonymous said...

Well, that's too bad that there is no self-cleaning cycle. Sorry about that! :< Glad it is cleaned this time, just the same! :>

Corrie said...

Well, you know what I'm MOST grateful for... :-) But hovering in second place are a week with Allison, a very thoughtful and hard-working husband, a wonderful visit with family and you last weekend, and the sunshine that seems to promise spring.

Sumer said...

I am so thankful today for ~ needed some new ideas! Sick. of. making. the. same.five.things! Thankful for good kids, not perfect, but good hearted and good natured. As always, thankful for Scott too. AND Thankful I get to see you next week! :)