Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Linky Love

Happy Friday!

It's a zoo here. I mean that. And we don't even have any animals.

The kids are using all of the couch cushions and pillows to cross the raging seas of the living room carpet.

The is after poc-suls (Little Man's version of a Popsicle) AND too much TV for 11:00 in the morning.


I'm dragging a bit, this morning! Not even trying for "mother of the year", today.

And once again, I've missed Thankful Thursday. Which is a shame because there is SO MUCH to be thankful for here at the troops!

But instead of beating myself up about it? How about some linky love?

Go read about our Mah-ve-lous MB concert night in Dallas.

Then read about a sweet reminder to fight for our marriages.

Then go read about teens (especially if you have a houseful of them - we are well on our way!)

And if you've posted something lovely this week. . . leave a comment and let me know! I don't have a lot of blog reading time around here, but maybe I can turn the TV on again, later, for the kids.

Just kidding!

Sort of.

Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Troop said...

Wondering if the comments are working on here. I guess they are!

Daisy Girl said...

I can leave a comment! I've tried several times. I promise. :) LOVED the concert! Thanks for coming down. It just would not have been as much fun without you!