Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Is it Thursday? I'm not quite sure. Someone said it was, so here I am.

1. God's protection and provision while the Coach and the boys were at football camp this week.

2. My mother's 64th birthday. I can only hope to be so amazing someday. We went for pedicures by ourselves, ate a yummy dinner with Granddad and my kids who were home, and celebrated with cookies and ice cream. Fun!

3. Safe trip to and from Dallas for the memorial for my cousin's baby.

4. Precious family and time with them in Dallas (although short).

5. An aunt to keep Little Man and a best friend to keep the girls so I could be gone for the day.

6. All of the (very tired) troops back under one roof last night. Ahhhhhh.

7. School supply shopping? DONE!

8. Cooler weather this week. The fact that high 90's feel cool is a bit depressing, but we'll take it!

9. The Coach's "Master Teacher" completion this Summer and the recognition this morning at school. I'm so proud of him! His plate is FULL with work, football and our crew at home. He works so hard.

10. Mini Reese's peanut butter cups. Just being real. And fat.

11. Clean house and clean sheets. Good thing I can do these things in my sleep because I'm pretty sure I walked around only partly awake, yesterday.

12. Flowers and kids who water them every day so I can sit in the air conditioning and look outside and enjoy how pretty they are.

13. Wal-mart. I hear people say all of the time how much they hate it. Here's what you do. Look at it as a multi-cultural adventure with a little people-watching thrown in. And don't be in a hurry. I'm there more days than not. And I really like it. It's convenient (one mile from my house), cheap, and you can get anything you need (almost - it helps to have low expectations). People who don't like Wal-mart haven't spent time in other countries. We are SPOILED! Take my word for it.

14. Starbucks dates with my dad. And the fact that I can leave my house for awhile now and then.

15. Coffee-mate Belgian chocolate toffee creamer for home. I drank so much coffee, yesterday, that my heart was racing. And I was still sleepy.

Well? Today is the last Thursday of the Summer for us. Lots of schools have already started around here. I've been watching the back to school posts and pictures take over Facebook. We aren't quite ready. We have everything ready. But WE aren't ready. We're all tired this week. Lots going on and so many things out of our control.

Grateful for God's faithfulness. That's He's shown Himself faithful in the past and I can trust Him for the future.

Happy Thursday!


Daisy Girl said...

I love your list! And your ads! You'll have to let me know how they work for you. I'm still trying to figure out the whole link think for ya. Have a great day friend!

Anonymous said...

I meant to post a Thankful Thursday, and the day sped by! I am kind of looking forward to school and having a schedule again. Whenever it seems really crazy and busy here, you often pop into my mind and I remember that there are others who are busier than I am and they make it! :) I am so thankful for my five wonderful children and all that they are able to do this summer- even if it makes my life a bit busier!
Happy start of the school year to you! Mine starts a bit later as my youngest son has his surgery for toe-walking on Sept. 1, and the two oldest boys go on a fishing trip with Papa and my youngest sister for a week and a half.
Enjoy the quiet moments this school year!