Monday, August 16, 2010

Last Week of Summer

I'm listening to the three little girls play "store", or "ordering" or "business" - I'm not really sure, actually. But they are happy. And I'm pretty sure that this time it's not "school".

Little Man is finishing up his lunch and about ready for a nap. He has that "glazed" look in his eyes.

One at volleyball practice, one at football camp and the Coach and two other boys at football camp, as well.

Sometimes I feel like I need a flow-chart to keep track of kids here at the troops.
There is always so much going on. Days like today I wonder if my head might just explode.

But it never does. And things always work out.

My chiropractor says the best thing for stress is vigorous exercise. I try that. Every morning. But then I just want to crawl back into bed. Must be doing something wrong.

Having the most amazing family and the kindest friends makes all of the difference. Thank you, Lord!

Today is my wonderful mother's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Tomorrow is the memorial service for my cousin's sweet baby girl. Pray for them. For their family. The weight of grief is beyond unbearable.

I'm somewhat in shock that Son #1 is at football camp as a PLAYER this year, not just hanging with his dad. Where does the time go?

Next week school will start and Little Man and I will be at home alone for part of the day. I'm so looking forward to the quiet (just being real)! But also to the great year I know the kids will have - all they will learn - the fun of watching them grow - play sports. And maybe a nap now and then?

To say that we (and I mean I) are overwhelmed here at the troops would be an understatement.

Not only overwhelmed by the craziness of life.

But overwhelmed by our loving family and friends who are so willing to jump in a help out when we need it.

And especially overwhelmed by our loving Lord who sees all. Knows all. Weeps with us. Comforts us. Gives us HIS peace.

Blessings on your Monday!


Daisy Girl said...

So sorry about your cousin's baby girl! If you need anything, let me know. Your are more than welcome to stop by on your way home. Love ya friend!

Judy said...

Our young friends lost their two-week old Hope Isabella on Saturday. Her service is Wednesday at 11:00. Please remember the family as they deal with the loss of their precious baby. Hope lived longer than any other child born with this condition. Her short life encouraged all of us, caused her family and friends to strengthen their faith and trust. Our hope is knowing we will see her again, even as we weep with her grieving family.