Monday, October 31, 2011

Fresh Start.

I really like Mondays.

I don't like how tired I am.  Or how cranky the kids are.
I don't like how messy the house is after a very busy weekend.
Or that it takes until noon to get it straightened up and somewhat clean and orderly, again.
I don't like cleaning out the fridge (we have a strict "one week" rule around here - ha!).
Or having 5 loads of laundry to do just to get back to square one.
I don't like that it's almost 1:00 and I haven't had a shower.
Or that Little Man is still in his jammies.

But you know what I do like?

A fresh start.

That's what Mondays are.

The last week is over.  We survived the weekend (how DO they end up being so busy?).  Everyone did what they did and has what they have and they are off to school.

Maybe it's the quiet.  Little Man is always happy to be on his own, once again.

Maybe it's the weekly calendar print out that has yet to be scribbled all over as things change and have to be moved around.

Maybe it's the groceries in the fridge and the meal plan all set (actually, I've only made it through Wednesday, but I'll get there.).

Maybe it's the fact that I get to put the trash OUT for Tuesday morning!  Yay!  Because by Monday morning, those three city bins are busting full.

Maybe it's the beautiful Fall weather, with the sun shining, and the leaves starting to fall on the still green grass.

Whatever it is. . . it feels like starting all over.  And I like it.

Have a blessed Monday, today!

And as a PS - I would appreciate your prayers for my 17 year old nephew who is still in the hospital following emergency eye surgery on Friday night.  He's doing well - we are so grateful!  Praying now for complete healing, that the infection that caused him to get sick will continue to be effectively treated by the antibiotics, and for my brother and sister-in-law as they juggle caring for him and their five other kids at home.  Thank you!

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