Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday. Comes after Thursday. Thankfully.

One of the main reasons I love to do Thankful Thursday posts (even if they have been somewhat sporadic - like the rest of my blogging, lately) is because Thursday is a tough day at the troops.

Are my kids the only ones who have complete meltdowns on Thursday?

The homework seems to be more overwhelming.
The projects are looming.
The Friday test material needs studying.
And we are all tired.

Yesterday was no exception. 

I told the Coach I was going to take a nap (this was at 6:00 AM).  He said, "I'm jealous."  I said, "Well, the one who gets a nap, also has to pick up the kids, get them home without killing each other in the back seat, help them with all of their homework and reading, clean up their "snacks", and keep them off the computer and Netflix until dinnertime."

He said, "You can have your nap, then."

And he seemed to have a spring in his step as he walked out the door.  Hmmmm.

Thursday mornings contain the "I can't find my favorite pants!" meltdowns.  The "I forgot to put my jersey in the wash!" meltdowns, the "Isn't there anything GOOD for lunch?" meltdowns, etc. etc. etc.  And almost always a call from "Big Green" that someone forgot something vital to their success as a student or athlete.

Then on the way home at 3:15?  Don't even get me started.  I've always said, if I get pulled over for speeding on the way home (not that I DO speed, just hypothetically, of course), I would just let the Highway Patrol sit in MY car for a minute.  Then beg him to take me with him and leave the kids there.

Did you KNOW that staring at someone is a crime?  Or (gasp) daring to look out THEIR window instead of your own?  Heaven forbid someone finish their lunch (that they hated at 6:30 AM but refuse to share at 3:15 PM) and not use the most perfect "in the back of the mini-van" manners.  And Little Man?  Who was content and happy all day running errands, eating his PB&J, and taking a nap with Mom?  Turns into a TERROR. 

Let's just say it's not the most pleasant 20 minutes of my day.

I'm not complaining.  I realize the huge blessing it is to have them IN school and not HOME for school.  I'm grateful for the homework, the projects, the reading. . . I really am.  It's all good.

But even "good" times 7 can be overwhelming.

Then, before we know it (OK.  I confess.  I put the younger 4 to bed at 7:15 last night.  Now you know.), it's Friday morning and suddenly it's all sunshine and smiles.

T-shirt day (and I learned my lesson, mind you, the favorite pants were CLEAN!), field trips, and the anticipation of a football game, tonight.  Which means (for the kids) staying up late and wasting their OWN money on ring pops and skittles.  For me?  It will certainly require an extra dose of caffeine.

The kids will catch up on some sleeping in the morning, though.  While the Coach and I drag ourselves out of bed while it's still dark (AGAIN) to run 10 miles.  And when I get back exhausted and ready for a shower, they'll all be up, bouncing off the walls, hungry for breakfast, and the Coach will leave to go watch film with the team.  (Remind me, again, why I shouldn't be jealous of him?)

Gotta love it.

For today?  It's Friday.  Short run (3 miles at 5 AM in 39 degree weather - yay!), Weight Watchers meeting, errands with the Little Man, and an evening in the bleachers to look forward to.  Even when Son #1 isn't playing, I can still cheer on the rest of the team (and the assistant coach, too).  Just hope I remember my stadium seat this time!

Happy Friday!

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