Friday, October 7, 2011

I can relate. . .

Little Man slept through the kids all tromping out the door to school, yesterday morning.

I don't know how he sleeps through the door slamming, coming and going, "Mom!  So-and-so is SMACKING their frosted mini-wheats, again!", smoothies going in the blender, more door opening and closing, lunch making, shoe hunting, and hair fixing.


In a few minutes, though, he came padding out in his bare feet, hair sticking up, sleepy eyes wide open, jammie pants hiked up on his little bird legs.

"Did I miss something, Mom?"

I feel the same way.

Right about the time I get my act together, the act is over.

Watching Daughter's (#2) last volleyball game on Monday, I think she can relate.  They had just started to "click" on the court - know what I mean.  She was playing GREAT.

Just in time for basketball to start.

My lack of time to write has been due to a several things this week:

#1.  Pinterest. Seriously addictive.  Although at first it gave me a complex.  I am not (it turns out), interested in a.) fashion, b.) home decor, c.) projects for my kids, or d.) cooking.

What's left, you ask?  Pictures of far away places to travel and WORDS.  I love words.  And Fall.

#2.  Half-marathon training round 4.  The Coach and I agreed we could tackle a December race if we trained in the mornings (the only time he's home).  I'm not sure if 5:00 AM is morning. . . I've always considered it "night-time".  If so, then we are running at night, but we are running.  It's completely solved any trouble I used to have going to sleep.  Good grief.  I can go to sleep ANYWHERE, anytime.  But those sleepless late nights helped me keep up with my blogging, after all.

#3.  Turns out I have a legitimate reason to be tired.  Went in for some blood work last week and found out that my iron levels are so low that they basically don't exist.  Went to my favorite place to buy supplements and fill prescriptions with my results in hand.  The pharmacist said, "Wow.  I'm surprised you are up and walking around."

Ha.  That's funny.  Because actually I AM REALLY TIRED!

Hopefully the new doses of some different vitamins will do the trick.  In 2-3 months.


School is hopping along.  Field trips, projects (I need to take some pictures).  Homework, of course.  Lots of reading, singing, laughing, studying, memorizing, and sleeping going on at the troops.  Oh.  And eating.  I still haven't figured out how to make them stop.

Along with the 1/2 marathon training (which so far is less than I was already running each week - but not for long!), I'm back in BSF with Little Man and back counting my points for WW every day (I hadn't "quit", but I sure had slacked off).

Always plenty to do.

Which reminds me. . . we started switching the three little girls' clothes out from Summer to Winter last week (which, of course, led to some really HOT days this week - never fails).  I still haven't finished.

That's right.  For an entire week those buckets of clothes have been lined up in the playroom.  Ugh.  Don't even talk to me about the boys clothes that need cleaning out.

I am encouraged, though.  These early morning runs with the Coach have given us time we didn't have together.  Not that I'm much in the mood for talking, but he is, and I like to listen.

And knowing that something IS really making me more tired than usual is, oddly, comforting.  Because I was pretty sure I was losing my mind.

Lessons from this week?

Sometimes "dates" come way before the sun rises and require running shoes and dodging skunks.

A trip to the doctor now and then is a good idea for everyone.

And as the Coach says?  "It'll all get done."

And it will.

After my nap.

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TheHappyHomemaker said...

Those running "dates" are definitely in the night time!!