Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday Favorites

I think I have a birthday hangover.
Not that I really know anything about hang overs - I've never actually had one.
But I'm tired.
And bleary eyed.
And the head, it's aching.

Apparently I'm too old to celebrate anything without wearing out.

BUT today is Friday!
And in spite of my impending garage sale, I didn't want to miss another FFF post.
Because it's fun.
And I'm putting off that sorting and pricing as long as possible this morning.

Today's product my not be helpful for everyone.
I apologize in advance.

Three years ago (before we lived in this house), we remodeled our kitchen. One of my bright ideas (I'm just FULL of them, apparently) was to buy a front loading stacking washer and dryer so we could add a pantry where the dryer used to sit.
It was wonderful!
Fast forward to the present, and we LOVE our front loading machines. They wash unbelievable amounts of laundry. Daily. Sometimes all day long.

But one of the draw backs to front loading washers is that they have very tight seals. And with the door closed they do not have any venting capacity.
Which means after a period of time they can develop odors. From mildew. Which I realize is disgusting.
Enter this:

This product keeps the foul smell of a front loader at bay. I just run it through the machine in the evening now and then (on the rare occasion that I don't have LAUNDRY to run through).

It's made a big difference!

For those of you without front loaders (and even those of you with!), check out Magnificent Manager. My Sweet Friend brought me one of the meal planners and a photo frame for my birthday. They are wonderful! And stylish! And useful!

Happy Friday!

Don't forget to add your link - to your post about your Friday Favorite. And leave comments everywhere you go. Because my blog set a new record yesterday (thanks, Crazy Daisy!). And today might be a titch depressing if there are no comments at all!


The Anderson Zoo said...

Glad we are doing this again. I know you have been busy. Hope you had a great birthday. Pray your garage sale goes well. I know they are a pain but it sure is nice to have a little extra money and what's better...GETTING RID OF STUFF!!!!!

Mrs. M said...

Thanks for the washer tip! I just purchased my first bottle!

Daisy Girl said...

Hey friend! I'm all tapped out at the moment and I have NO fabulous finds! So sorry. Hope you have a great Friday!

Jo said...

great. Sounds like a great idea. We don't have a front loader but we do have smells. I'll take all the help I can get.

Jen Schmidt said...

Wow! I never would have guessed such a product existed. That is the ONLY thing I don't like about my front loader washer....that smell! I do find leaving the door open after I wash until it dries out helps, but not entirely. I will definitely purchase some of this! Thanks!!