Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Makeover #1. Or #50. Who's counting?

Greetings from the Troops!
I know, you thought I was gone forever.
So did I, for a moment.

Boy, has it been busy.

We've been changing some things here.
And it's time to reveal "Room #1" in the Makeover series.

I've loved this house from the first time we came to walk through it (thinking it was NO WAY a possibility - ever).
It just WORKS for us. I can't describe it better than that.
But from day one it's had a bad case of the uglies.

For starters, houses built in 1974 have serious self-image issues. Whew. Don't get me started.

And if that's not bad enough, the remodel was in the 80's.

I remember the 80's.
They weren't pretty.

But one by one, the rooms of our house have been transformed.
I started the first Spring with painting the DARK wood paneling in our living room a nice light CREAM color. Wow.

Then we painted Daughter's (#2) room a beautiful light blue.
New bedding (from Grandmother's downsizing).

Then last year we changed some rooms around to have a bigger dining room. Took the carpet out, added wood floors, peeled wallpaper, added a chair rail and some RED paint and WOW - it's lovely. And we've used and enjoyed it tremendously.

Next we tackled THIS room. Our little girls' room.
And yes, this picture is of their room while MESSY.

Three small ladies share this room - Daughters #5, #6 and #7. What a crew.

Anyway, it started like this:

It had a LOVELY wallpaper border. Some kind of metallicy flowers. Then enter the two comforters that I had a friend make to match the curtains and crib bedding that I made back before we had our first baby (yes, that was 13 years ago). Then the miscellaneous quilt that someone gave to us.

Kind of a hodge podge look.

In my mind, I pictured yellow and pink.

I'll be honest, I have no idea why.

So my sweet s-i-l found these duvets at Target. On clearance.
And the decorating began.
First with yellow paint. Which you can read about here.

Then some rearranging, the new bedding and a new curtain.

Be impressed.

Be very impressed.

Isn't it cute?

And overall, I'm VERY happy with it. It's bright, cheery and very GIRLY.

Which it should be, considering.

Happy Tuesday!


Laura said...

I LOVE the girls room! So glad to see that border go! I miss you guys and hope to get to come see you soon!

Daisy Girl said...

LOVE the girls room! And I am VERY impressed. The valance you made is ADORABLE! And the ribbon is just perfect! The colors are great and the room looks so nicely put together! Thanks for sharing!

Daisy Girl said...

Did I mention how very impressed I am? :)

Daisy Girl said...

Because I am VERY IMPRESSED!!!

The Anderson Zoo said...

Very Cute!!!! Looking forward to the rest of the pictures of your "makeovers."

Jo said...

Yea!!!! Pictures!!!!! Pictures are the best. And yest you have been gone too long. I'm getting the spruce up itch myself. You are motivating me.
I too am very impressed.

The She and I Show said...

I'm impressed you have the time to do anything. You are amazing! :)

Chloe said...

Love seeing pictures! Looks great. I love "girly" rooms!