Sunday, June 22, 2008

Simple Pleasures

The Coach and I were just finishing up our Sunday lunch of . . .well, sandwiches, and he said, "Well, it's 12:00, time for naps."
All of a sudden it hit me.
After 18 years of attending a church were we were lucky to get HOME by 1:00 (on a good day), the wonder of early service hasn't worn off.
We've been to church, worked in the nursery, gone to Sunday school, fellowshipped with friends, come home, had lunch, put the baby to bed and now are settling down for some Sunday REST and it's noon.
I'm telling you, some things don't ever get old!

And encase you're wondering, YES we get up early to get eight kids ready by 8:15. And YES sometimes we don't make it.

But it's SO worth it!

Happy Napping~


Daisy Girl said...

Happy Napping!

Ariel L said...

Hooray for naps! I know I certainly enjoy them! Happy napping to you and yours.

Jo said...

Amen Sister! We were on the patio/in the pool by noon ourselves. Yea!!!!

Carla said...

We have sandwhiches for Sunday lunch too. When that is about the only thing my picky eaters will eat why wear myself out in the kitchen with roast or spaghetti like my mom. Their was no rest for me yesterday-VBS started last night and I was back at church at 1 to decorate my 5th grade class. After one night of teaching them, I have decided when my boys are in the 5th grade they aren't going to be able to live here!

Daisy Girl said...

I made your Lasagna this weekend! My husband saw the link on the side of your blog and requested it! It was wonderful, except I think it must be pretty important to bake it covered with foil for the first part (which I somehow completely forgot to do) so the top noodles don't get crispy! Ha! Other than that it was wonderful! Thanks for sharing!