Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are you ready for some Football?

First of all, a confession:
I haven't cooked dinner in a week.
Just had to get that off my chest.

First, there was a meal from my sweet friend after Son's nose surgery.
Then enough for leftovers.
Then a football game.
A date night with the Coach (which had to be quick because of another football game that needed to be watched).
Sunday night pancakes (can't really consider that cooking).
And another Jr. High football game, last night, watching Son #1.

Not included in the dinner schedule is the football film watching, late practices and play sketching that has consumed most of the Coach's time the last two or three weeks.

'Tis the Season!
Good thing it's only for three months.

As my sweet Daddy said, "You can stand on your head for three months!" Meaning, that we can handle it. It doesn't last forever.
It's given me some time to work on projects around the house. There's plenty to do!

Tomorrow we are off to the ENT to get Son's splints removed. Whew.
I have one word for you:

And the nights he spent on the floor in our room (so I could keep an eye on him after the anesthesia)? Miserable.
I have another word for you:
Couch. (as in ME on the couch - the Coach can sleep through a train wreck - which is just about what it sounded like)

But he's back in his own bed, at night. Back at school for the second day, today. Already caught up on his school work from last week. What a kid!

Hopefully life is settling into more of a normal Fall football routine around here. There is just less cooking to be done with Monday and Friday games every week. A great many more sandwiches for dinner. And even though it means a lot of nights and time in general without the Coach around, it's gotten easier over the years. It's easier to go to the games now that the kids are older.
And that is a blessing.

So are sweet family and friends who came to cheer Son on to his first ever Jr. High football VICTORY last night (we lost the first game)!

Happy Tuesday!


Jo said...

Love love love football season. It just goes so well with fall. How fun - can't believe your big boy is on the field.

Corrie said...

Wish I could have been there, too, but Michelle said it was fun. :-)

Lori Leigh said...

Wow! I'm hoping you will get some good nights of sleep this week!

I like football because it signifies the arrival of fall. And jackets. And OU football.

Zimms Zoo said...

So you never told us when another game was and Brown Bear keeps asking if you have emailed me again.

So cough up the schedule lady!

hilary_dehaan said...

Thanks for the reminder. I do need to be reminded, time-to-time, to remember where the blessing come from. I'm learning to thank God more and more each day...it helps me forget the bad stuff ;-)

Jen S said...

Wow! I can totally relate to your life right now, although we only have football 3 nights a week now (it was 5 nights in August) and a game on Saturday. Even with it being only three nights, it feels like football has taken over our life again for a few months. How much more so for you!! And I can NOT figure out what to do about dinner. That is the WORST part of it all for me. I know I could do crock pot stuff, yada yada yada, but I don't like eating SO LATE at night. Kent and Reagan didn't get home until 8 o'clock tonight. Anyway, like you said, it's just three months and we can do it! It's not like we're the Israelites being enslaved for 400 years! (BSF) Sorry for the long post! :)