Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Birthday Time

Being the third born can be rough and we decided it was time for his very own, NEW, not handed down bike. Yeah!

I will never forget the day that Son (#3) was born. Remember 1998? The Summer that we had 41 days in a row over 100 degrees here in OK? Seriously. Hot.

Four days each week during my pregnancy with him I walked four miles at the mall in the mornings pushing a double stroller with our 2 and 1 year old. Those were the days! I remember telling the midwife that after about 2 miles things started hurting (this was in my 7th and 8th months). I'll never forget her face. "Then STOP!" she said. Hadn't crossed my mind.

He was our biggest baby by a long shot - at eight pounds even. The others were all five and six.

He was hungrier, too! He was the first and one of the only babies that I gave formula to before my milk came in. He was so hungry! It also took him longer to sleep through the night than any of our others. I wasn't up for letting him cry it out with two other little ones in the house. Eventually we did, though, and he turned into a fairly good sleeper.

Until he developed asthma.
And how thankful I am, that at 10 years old, it has become so very mild. Thank you, Lord!

He prayed to receive Christ at football camp when he was 7 (almost 8) - what a blessing.

He has always been FUN, sweet, kind, thoughtful, TOUGH, yet tender, and loving. I'm so grateful for this little guy who can somehow tell (unlike most of the kids) when I really need a hug or help around the house. He works HARD and diligently and is a great student.

Wow. 10. I really can't believe it.

We celebrated at Grandmother and Granddad's (even though they weren't there!) so we could watch the first OU football game of the season and our Sweet Friend came and helped us celebrate. Here are the girls (and Baby Boy) watching him ride his new bike on Grandmother's street.

Happy 10th Birthday, Son! We love you!


Cindy said...

Ten already? Wow. He's getting tall! It's not too long until my oldest will be 10....right after your #4! It's true that they grow up way too fast. Way, way, WAY too fast!

Zimms Zoo said...

I had a girl the same summer. JULY!!

I remember it being so hot, because about a month after she was born we were invited to a birthday party. She screamed the whole time because she was so hot. The hostess was pregnant and due in Nov. She barely made it through the party.

BTW we took her in their house and she was happy then.

Funny that we have kids almost exactly the same age.

Jo said...

You were having your third the same summer we had #1. He sounds so sweet and ironically many of the same characteristics of my #3 - even down to the asthma. I hope that subsides for ours too. Happy Happy Birthday #3. Bikes are the best!!!!

Lori Leigh said...

Happy Birthday!

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to you!
So much fun!
Love ya,
BTW -Could you e-mail your blog
to scatter -brained people like me
who float through the day barley able
to remember what day it is.
The whole reason I put the girls in
a tumbling class on Wednesdays is so I would not forget to pick the big kids up early on the half day...seriously, its really sad!

Jen S said...

Very sweet post! I think he and Reagan would get along great! He looks so happy to have his new bike. Thanks for sharing.

Corrie said...

10. Oh my. How in the world did that happen? I can't quite make myself believe it. Wowzers.

Anonymous said...

What a neat tribute for your son. New bikes are a lot of fun! We are working on the first learning to drive a car...how the years have flown by! Thanks for all the fun pictures, wonderful to see all the happy faces!