Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday - Blogging Friends

Someone recently asked me if I've met fun new friends through my blog. I HAVE enjoyed finding fun new writers and cute or funny blogs to keep me smiling throughout my day.

But the most FUN thing about writing this blog, has been the people I already know that I've "reconnected" with. They are REAL friends, who for lack of time I had lost touch with.
So here is my Thankful Thursday tribute to my blogging buddies. At least some of you.

For starters, don't you just LOVE Jo's Kitchen Table? Jo, I honestly don't remember the first time we ever met, but I do remember that trip to Australia - that's when we became GOOD friends. Truthfully, I've known your hubs since I was, oh, 13?

And here we are at the Indy Training Center (I think?) in '93. Wow. Look how cute you are!

I'm so grateful we've reconnected. You are a blessing to me!


I first met Laura back when we were both expecting our fourth baby. We immediately hit it off. She was homeschooling her older kids and lived, well, and good day's drive from me. But we managed to become very good friends. She was there for me when Daughter (#5) was born - or at least shortly thereafter (remember the ice storm?) and has been ever since. Oh for the Panera Girl's night days of long ago. Miss you, Friend!

Here we are at my 30th (surprise) birthday party. Yes, I've forgiven the Coach for surprising me. I'm not sure if he's forgiven me for being so upset, though. But it WAS fun.


I had to REALLY hunt for this one, Folks. First of all, to go back far enough to when I first met the Zookeeper over at The Zimms Zoo, I'd have to raid my mother's photo albums. I think I was 10? Maybe?

My parents took me out of private school when I was in the 5th grade - and started homeschooling. Although in retrospect (and even towards the end of my high school years) I was exceedingly grateful, it was hard for awhile. Back then (can anyone say 1983?) there weren't co-ops and groups and field trips and sports and. . . we just had the Zimms. And for the next few years, as homeschooling caught on, the Zookeeper and I were good friends.

Here's the only picture I could find with him in it, though (out of MY albums, at least). My 14th birthday party. Wow. Pretty funny, actually! See if you can find both of us.

NOW the Zookeeper has a wonderful wife, who I am so enjoying getting to know. And their kids? Precious. What a blessing.


Then there is Sweet DMJ over at Michigan Musings. Girl, I hunted for a picture of you - I KNOW I have one somewhere, but I can't find it. So instead, let me apologize for calling you ". . . banana" all of those times after you specifically said you didn't like it. I WAS 17. Seriously! So thanks for being my friend even AFTER that - for all of the sweet gifts you've sent for babies. For your prayers and continuing friendship.

Those were some fun times we had in the Construction Department. I don't remember much, but I remember riding in your car, talking to you and lots of laughing. I think that's related to being 17, as well. You had a lot of patience! Bless you, Friend!


I've known The Anderson Zoo for a long time. Remember this?

And her sweet m-i-l and sister-in-law for even longer. In fact, "Grana" knew the Coach and I before we WERE the Coach and I. If you were at our wedding (I know, it was a long time ago) - she did all of the food! Amazing, huh?


Jen, I could NOT find a picture of just you and I. Probably because I knew you best as my s-i-l's friend. It was FUN to be my brother's wedding with you. VERY fun to see you and your sweet man get married. I so enjoy keeping up with you - especially envisioning your lovely California life when the Oklahoma weather is miserable.


I've mentioned Crazy Daisy a lot here at Mrs. Troop. She and I started this blogging adventure together. We've had SO MUCH FUN doing this and sharing things. She is responsible for my lovely design! I know you've seen us before. Like here. And here. Remember the Love Day Giveaway? Suffice it to say, I wouldn't be a blogger without her!


Today I'm thankful for my Sweet Friends. Thankful that the world of blogging is keeping us in touch. Happy Thursday.


Melissa said...

Those pictures crack me up! You have the greatest blog and Dallas is a little brighter now that Crazy Daisy's here! :)

Laura said...

That is fun! What a great post. Thank you for not posting a picture of us pregnant together! How I miss you too my friend!

The Anderson Zoo said...

Where in the world did you find that picture? Talk about "hair". Yikes!!!!!!!

Thank you for all your encouragement and funny stories. I am thankful for you and your wisdom.

Anonymous said...

It has been my pleasure friend to read your blog, catch up on a friendship and be encouraged, to laugh, to understand, to hear God's voice as He speaks to me through the reminders you give on your blog. Thanks for helping me get started on blogging, it has been fun!
I DO thank god for you!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I was informed by my daughter of a non capitalization of God in previous comment! Had to leave in a hurry, did not recheck...oh well, some days are like that! :)

Jo said...

Aren't you the sweetest? What an honor to be mentioned on Mrs. Troop!!!!!! And don't you just love those collars we sported then. All that starch. Man, I miss that. I do well to have a collar at all now. :)
I love you and you brighten my day with your real life perspective and gratefulness.

Jen S said...

What a sweet post, Karen. Thanks for mentioning me. :) I have really enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog too. I really appreciate your humor and candor. I agree that blogger is such a great way to keep up with friends far away. Keep on blogging!

Zimms Zoo said...

Hey this is the second time I have tried to comment. So I will try again.

The zookeeper and I finally figured out which one he was and then he named all the rest of them.