Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First half marathon. Ever.

Had FUN on Sunday walking/jogging the OKC Memorial HALF Marathon!

It was an early morning.
We were at the starting line at 5:50. Ugh.

The Coach cheered us on at the start, then went back and got the girls and Little Man to come watch at the finish line. He should get a medal, too!

Son #1 and his cousin finished in 1:48. Wow!

It was a beautiful day! Windy, but sunny and cool. So nice.

And finally, with a chip time of 2:50, we came in. Woohoo! Little Man acted like he hadn't seen me in days. HA! Here we are afterwards.

It was a great day! So happy to have accomplished something NEW - something that seemed impossible in the beginning.

And honestly? I'm excited to do it, again. It felt better than I expected. Was more fun that I thought it would be. When I started training I thought 3:15 would be about all I could do. Then about half way through training I thought it would be fun to hit around 3 hours if we could. And to come in 10 minutes faster? Exciting!

Being out there with 23,000 people had it's moments - good and bad. I wasn't particularly fond of all of the pushing and shoving. But around mile 4 it started thinning out and it was such a pretty day and aside from some calf cramps (mom) and some knee twinges (me), we felt great and had a fabulous time out there.

Thanks for all of the encouragement! Thanks for sharing in my joy!

Happy Tuesday!


Squirly Girls said...

How amazing! Way to go! I think I would run a marathon to get alone time with my mom:)

Sumer said...

SO proud of you! Cody, Julianna and I did the 5K. We had so much fun ~ after cleaning up vomit at 3 in the morning before the race ~ I was just glad 3 of us were well enough to go. We ran (sprinted) the last 1/2 mile, when Cody saw the finish line, the people, and heard the music he took OFF! Dead sprint. :) I have never laughed so hard in my life and I was praying someone was not taking pictures of me sprinting ~ carrying 2 waterbottles, my camera and Jules' jacket . . .