Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday at the Troops

How can it already be the beginning of another week?

The time? It is flying!

And the troops? We are busy!

If you don't use it - I highly recommend Google calendar. I was adding some things last night and printing the week out for my magnet board. The Coach uses it at school and we have our calendars added to each others so I can see what he has going and he can see what's going on at home. Because we all know it would be too complicated to actually remember to TELL him things. In person. Ha!

Speaking of the Coach, we are settling back into our weekly date nights after basketball season. I hadn't realized how much I missed that time with him! As we sat there eating our soup on Friday night, it occurred to me that having time to discuss life and the kids, catch up on what's going on and ENJOY time together is my biggest "de-stresser" of the week. Sometimes, we just can't fit it in. But it sure is important to try!

Did you have a wonderful Easter? We enjoyed early service at church, brunch at home, naps (ahhhh!), baths for the kids (OK. Not all of them napped.) and dinner at my parent's. It was lovely.

I know this is sad, but you know what Easter means around here (besides the obvious, of course!)? Spring clothes. :-P Changing out the kids clothes from Winter to Summer has to be one of my least favorite chores. Well, besides potty training. It takes so much time and is such a huge job! One year they didn't have their clothes switched out until June. :-) We survived. But I am hoping to get to that in the next few days. It's been in the 80's here!

Today begins week three of homeschooling Daughter #6. For the most part, I think we are all enjoying it. We have our moments, of course. And getting school DONE is a big challenge (in our already full schedule), but we are SO enjoying the lack of stress that school was causing for her. Peaceful mornings. . . full night's of sleep. . . she's eating well, again. . . it's all good.

Saturday marked week 14 of 1/2 marathon training. Mom and I walked/jogged (very little jogging) 14 miles. And survived! I'm really enjoying the time with her. We get to catch up on our visiting during the long Saturday walks. At this point we taper down to the marathon day in three weeks. I'm glad the longest of the training is over. But I've enjoyed it, too.

It's also "month two" of potty training here at the troops. Little Man is doing pretty well. He does about as well as I do taking him. Ha! But you know what? It's the best we can do at this point. It's not as effective as "boot camp" style potty training, but at this point we simply can't be home all of the time.

I am completely amazed at the quantity of food being devoured around here these days. Having to work and re-work the budget just to keep all of these tummies full. What a wonderful problem to have! One of our favorite "new" things? Instant Cream of Wheat. The kids have been having it and instant oatmeal for snack time in the afternoons. While I'm fixing huge casseroles for dinner. Ha! Just think how fun it will be with five teenagers in a few years?

Planning and preparing for a Premier Jewelry Show this Thursday evening. Our schedule is so hectic and they are certainly optional! But when my girls were oooing and ahhhing over the Spring catalog, I gave in. They are going to help me fix the food and host. In return for getting to order some jewelry. Really looking forward to visiting with friends!

As you all know, life is busy and full and overwhelming. I'm learning more and more how to trust the Lord with those "divine interruptions" (life is pretty much ALL interruptions these days) and quit trying to "fix" everything and everyone and allow Him to love others through me. It's a whole lot of serving, trying to be patient (and often failing!), prioritizing the to do list and enjoying the kids in the meantime.

For now? I'm off to start another load of laundry, take Little Man potty and get some bread in the oven. Time to get school started, too!

Blessings on your week. What is on YOUR list today?


The Zookeeper said...

laundry, visiting with an out of state cousin and lots more laundry.

We need to "NOT" plan something soon!

Judy said...

I admire your willingness to take #6 out of school. How do you discern whether to take her out or "discipline" her into "submission"? I am not saying that very well, so I hope you understand what I'm asking. There is a time to remove the child from the situation and a time to make them stick it out. With my Grandson (now a Marine) the school recommended that he home school 4th grade. There was an opinion that it was "catering" to "bad behavior" from some relatives, and opinions that it was "dealing with" his needs. I'm glad the Lord didn't call on me to discern / decide.

Lori said...

I so need to plan a date night! Today is orthodontist, soccer practice and football practice. On top of homeschool, piano practice and violin practice. And cleaning the house and doing laundry and trying to figure out something for supper!

Have a great week friend!!