Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Observations

Well, Good Morning from the land of kids!

For those of you who do this each and every day (as if any of you have TIME to read my blog - ha!), hat's off to you!

I would have loved to have 12 of my own.

I think.


It's been a FUN couple of days!

All in all. . . these are some fun easy going kids. Not MINE. The cousins.

The hardest thing about keeping extra kids is this. . . it brings out the worst in mine.


All of a sudden, the little troops are selfish, needy, picky, fit-throwing brats. (sigh)

I'm never sure if little ones obey so wonderfully when they visit us because they ARE really sweet and obedient (and they are, of course), or if they just see how often my kids get in trouble and it scares them into behaving. HA!

It's a possibility, for sure.

Our fearless Granddad, Grandmother, Nana and my Aunt took us all to lunch at Chick-fil-A, yesterday, and in one, rare, thoughtful moment (when we weren't taking someone potty or picking food up off the floor, or wiping up a knocked over cup of root beer), I realized something. YES - six kids (the other six were at school) with the oldest being a 1st grader is crazy.

Then it hit me.

Hello? Been there done that. And they were all my own.

No wonder I have more and more frequent lapses into insanity these days.

I am exceedingly blessed.

And a bit grateful that we are beyond that six kids seven and under stage. Yikes. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Because now? I have a lot of help. My older kids are amazing. They do countless things to help our house run smoothly. From helping with meal preparation and clean -up to folding laundry and entertaining fussy little ones - even giving a bath now and then. Besides the fact that they are completely responsible for all of their school work. It's really a good place to be - this not having to do it all myself.

So here's to the Berenstain Bears library DVD that has made it possible for me to get a shower in the mornings.
Here's to Granddads who swing little ones so I can get out of the house for a minute and take us to lunch, after.
Here's to Uncles, Aunts and Grandmothers who pick up and bring home kids from two different schools.
Here's to late night trips to the store and husbands who help make cookies.
Here's to big brothers and big sisters who read books, wipe noses and sing songs.
Here's to swing sets and soft green grass and itchy legs.
Here's to massive casseroles, cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies.
Here's to cuddly little 2 year old girls who adore their uncle and cousins.
Here's to Monopoly, Wii, Uno and Netflix Instant Play Movies.
Here's to Advil and Chiropractors.
Here's to coffee and Diet Dr. Pepper (which I should SO not be drinking).
Here's to big washers and dryers and plenty of hands to sort and fold the laundry.

Here's to life!

Happy Friday!


Squirly Girls said...

I agree to all of this. I can't believe I survived back before I had older ones. Having a big crew is so much fun!! But having a big crew and some of them being older than 7 is so much more fun:)

Sumer said...

LOVE it! We are so blessed! And you are SUPERmom. I had a very special aunt growing up and I am so proud of you for being that special "aunt" to so many little B's and H's!